Day 95: Spring Equinox, Spring Symbols


To begin this meditation, select one color for dying your Ostara eggs.  Then close your eyes and imagine that you see this color in front of you.  Record or have a friend read you the following guided meditation:

Imagine that the color transforms into a sun, shining this color brightly on the eastern horizon.  As you gaze at this sun, you notice that it does not hurt your eyes.  It seems pleasant and inviting.  (Pause.)

Imagine that from the center of this sun a symbol made of light emerges.  the symbol then lands in your hands.  Look at this symbol and remember it.  (Pause.)

When you feel you can remember the symbol, hold your spirit hands up and allow the symbol to fly upward.  It becomes even brighter and then blends with the color of the eastern sun.  Once this occurs, the scene will fade and you will open your eyes.  Take a moment to draw the symbol from your vision.  You will use this in tomorrow’s magical practice.

I’ve decided not to do one color for all the eggs.  I have cranberry juice and turmeric, so I’ll be dying eggs those colors.  We also got farm fresh eggs the other day and there are some gorgeous brown and green (yes, green!) eggs in that mix, so I’ll be using them, too.

When I performed the meditation, I found a chain for pink, a shovel for brown, a flow of air for yellow, and a growing stalk of wheat for green.  These seem to make pretty logical sense.  Pink is that color of love, friendship, and harmony, so it forges links–connections–between and among people.  Brown is about groundedness and work, and the shovel is a tool that pierces earth in the process of manual work:  you really can’t get more grounded than that.  Yellow connects to air properties of communication, and grenn is wealth, health, and growth.  Wheat grows and provides its cultivators wealth and its consumers health.  Like I said, pretty logical connections.


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