Whoa! Group Ritual!

Today certainly was full of surprises.  I have all of three days now (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) to write my paper.  But instead of slaving away, I did errands and ‘fun’ things.  One of which was to stop by the downtown Smith Family Bookstore and browse their pagan section.  I ended up buying a few books and promptly spent the rest of the day reading one, Love Spell, a memoir by Phyllis Curott.  After a couple hours of reading for my paper, I then went to an open ritual held by the Eugene CUUPS group.  This was the first group work I had done since my time with the now-defunct REDE at college.

As with my experience with reiki, this was a big step out of my comfort zone, and–like reiki–it was a positive experience.  Everyone was very welcoming, and it felt sooooo nice to be in a well-constructed circle.  Plus, it was the first time I got to witness a drawing down of the moon, which was very powerful.  The group also did a scrying, and then sort of channeled energy into pairs of people.  That was heady.  I haven’t felt such a strong energy rush in quite some time.

I don’t want to say much more, because I do believe that what happens in the circle stays in the circle and this blog is public (though well-hidden), after all.

I did, however, learn that the Goddess is very much alive and that magic is powerfully afoot.


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