Favorite Pagan Blogs

  • The Wild Hunt by Jason Pitzl-Waters and (recently) an assortment of associate editors and guest posters.  Together they bring you the best darn Pagan news coverage in America.
  • A Witch’s Ashram by Niki Whiting, an Alaskan-turned-Olympian titan of Religious Studies, currently focusing on Feri and Hinduism
  • Raise the Horns by Jason Mankey, a BTW practitioner from the Bay Area
  • Adventures in Witchery by Veles, a very savvy seeker from Texas
  • Gardnerian Wicca a collaborative blog/resource curated by several Gards, including Yvonne Aburrow
  • Letter from Hardscrabble Creek by Chas Clifton, a Pagan Studies scholar based in Colorado
  • Know Thyself by T. Thorn Coyle, a Feri and Reclaiming influenced bad-ass teacher who now largely teaches from within her own tradition, Morningstar.
  • Sarah Ann Lawless, a witch, herbalist, and fine artist working out of Vancouver, Canada.  Her work is breathtaking.
  • Lady Rosamond’s Garden and her partner’s blog, Strip Me Back to the Bone:  Two women, Beth and Jo, currently living in Eugene, OR who both blog about their sacred marriages with Odin and Poseidon among other Pagan-y topics.

Almanac Information

Olympia/Tacoma Area Pagan Resources

  • Swangrove Coven:  This is the website for the coven I worked with while I lived in Eugene and Olympia.  The covenstead is currently in Tacoma.  Most active members are scattered around the Puget Sound and the Willamette Valley.
  • Radiance Herbs and Massage:  An Olympia store with an excellent array of herbs, oils, candles, statuary, books, jewelry and all manner of body care products.  Locally rumored to have been started by a Dianic group in the area.
  • Druid’s Nook:  A Pagan bookstore in Olympia with all sorts of bric-a-brac, including oodles of statues, spell ingredients, and your typical New Age offerings.
  • Crescent Moon Gifts:  A Tacoma store dedicated to all things Pagan.  They also feature a tremendous amount of community networking.  They run plenty of classes, meetups, and usually host a psychic or two.
  • Central Puget Sound Pagan Pride:  The organization that puts on our major community shindig in Tacoma every October.
  • Olympia CUUPS:  The local Universalist Unitarian Pagan group.

Important Pagan Resources

Favorite Supply Sources