Witchcraft Videos

A Very British Witchcraft with Prof. Ronald Hutton, a 2011 bio-documentary of Gerald Gardner and early Gardnerian-style witchcraft narrated and hosted by Dr. Ronald Hutton.  The 60-minute format of this documentary finally aired on August 17, 2013 on Britain’s More 4 channel.

Wicca: The Occult Experience, a 1985 documentary that was really quite good! The narration script was written by Nevill Drury (probably more impressive to literature nerds like me), and it features people like Selena Fox, Margot Adler, Alex and Maxine Sanders, Janet and Stewart Fararr, Z. Budapest, and Louisah Teish. I know some of these people today, and it is a total trip to see what they looked like around the time I was born!

The Power of the Witch, a 1979 documentary with Doreen Valiente, Alex Sanders

Janet and Stewart Farrar Interviewed by BBC2

Witches: The Old Religion, a 1972 film featuring Stewart Farrar

Witchcraft:  Yesterday and Today, a 1991 video featuring Raymond Buckland introducing a brief history of witchcraft (as understood in late 1980s and early 1990s), ritual, and beliefs.

What’s Up Wit’ That: Witches, a Bay Area public access show from the early 1990s.  Interviewees are Deb Snavely and K.C. Anton.


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