Day 270: Quick House Protections, part 2

Roderick is certainly packing a lot of stuff into his days as of late.  I don’t know when I’ve had to break his activities into multiple days until recently.  I’ve done this activity–smudging–in the past, and I think it’s great.  I prefer to do it in conjunction with a magical house cleansing.  I first tidy up the place and discard any unwanted objects, then I dust and polish and vacuum and mop until the place sparkles.  I’ve been known to use some ‘magical cleaning solutions’ to this aim.  I try to time this with an opportunity to throw open the doors and windows and really ‘air out’ the house.  Once the place is clean, I get the vibrations in order with a good smudging.  I feel that after the thorough cleaning and airing, I’ve done plenty to clear out negative energy, too.  In my mind, the smudging allows good energy to occupy the spaces formerly held by stagnant, negative energy.

Burning a smudge stick--a bundle of dried white sage and other herbs--is a great way to perform this activity, too.

Burning a smudge stick–a bundle of dried white sage and other herbs–is a great way to perform this activity, too.

Vibrational House-Clearing

When you want to clear your dwelling of unwanted energies and you don’t have time to cast the circle, try this technique.  It only involves censing the home with one of two excellent aura-cleansing herbs:  dried white sage or dragon’s blood resin.  Simply light a charcoal and set it in your censer.  Crumble dried sage or dragon’s blood resin onto the coal.  Take the smoldering incense to the front door of your house.  Walk clockwise around the inner perimeter of the house, renewing the dried sage or resin when you need more smoke.  Return to the front door and use the censer to draw a banishing-earth pentagram in smoke.

My housemates really abhor the smell of burning sage and I don’t have any dragon’s blood on hand, so I went about today’s exercise a little differently.  First, I threw open the windows and cleaned my room really well.  I found homes for all the cluttering odds and ends, dusted all the flat surfaces in the room, and sprinkled a homemade carpet powder on the floor.  I made it several weeks ago, and it’s just a mixture of sea salt, crumbled sage, and baking soda along with a few drops of lemon essential oil.  I believe I used a full 1 pound box of soda, two or three tablespoons of salt, three or four of the sage, and maybe 5-10 drops of oil.  I put everything into a standard-mouth 1 quart mason jar and shook everything up until it formed an even mixture.  Then I put one of those caps from a Kraft Parmesan can onto the jar and used the ‘shaker’ side to evenly shake the powder onto the carpet.  I let it sit for an hour or so while I finished laundering my bedding and taking care of other house chores, and then I vacuumed everything up.  The energy felt really cleansed and purified after all that!


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