Day 256: Days of the Week and Magic

One of the first things new Pagans learn about magical work is that one of the easiest and most effective bolstering symbols to any work is timing.  We time things to occur in the right part of the year, in the right moon phase, on the right day, and even the right hour.  Heck, we often even bring astrology into the mix and time workings for appropriate planets are in appropriate zodiac signs.  It can get a little confusing.

Below is a chart outlining the seven days of our week, the planets (and planetary signs) for each, as well as a list of magical workings appropriate to those energies.  Sometimes it is impossible, for example, to do fertility work on a Friday.  If that is the case, then we try to do the best we can to tap into the appropriate hours on other days, or do our best to make sure the working occurs during a waxing or full moon.

Magical Correspondences to Days of the Week

Magical Correspondences to Days of the Week

What day of the week is it today?  Considering only the day of the week, determine what kinds of magical workings would be successful if employed today.

Today happens to be a Wednesday, so workings affecting mercurial qualities of communication, wit, knowledge, the arts, confidence, adaptability, etc. would be appropriate.  Now might be a good day to craft a charm onto a resumé, for example.

Think of a magical effect you would like to have.  Now consider: 1) Which day of the week would best suit the magic?  2)  Which phase of the moon would best suit the magic?  Research when the moon phase coincides with a day of the week that can aid your magic.

Well, I’m starting to think I should hit the dating circuit.  I’m twenty-nine now, and all my friends are paired up.  Worse, yesterday my mother had me talk to my brother’s de-facto step-child for the first time.  The first thing the little girl asked was “whose mommy are you?”  After I confessed I was nobody’s mom, she asked “who’s your husband?”  When I confessed I wasn’t married, she got really silent and then said in a tiny little voice, “Are you all alone?”  God.  Talk about twisting a knife in my heart.  So let’s say I want to have a magical effect where I become more open to relationships and increase my options.  Friday seems a good time for that, what with all the healing, hope, appeal, and growth energies.  Maybe Tuesday for its Martian sexuality, passion, and men’s emphasis.  I guess it depends on what I want to accomplish.  I want to ‘grow’ a part of myself, so timing this during a waxing moon wouldn’t hurt.  We’re waning until April 11th, which is the last day of the new moon days.  The 12th through the 23rd and this month’s waxing days.  If I wanted to do a Friday working, the 12th and the 19th are my two options.  If I wanted to do a Tuesday working, I’m looking at the 15th and 22nd.

Create flash cards to help you commit the weekdays and planetary glyphs to memory.

I’m actually good with the astrological and astronomical symbols, but this is a remarkably good idea for all the correspondences.  I can’t believe I’ve never done it before!  I was the flashcard queen of my high school!  I’ve been working long enough with the correspondences that I do have a lot of my favorites committed to memory, but it wouldn’t be too difficult to make up a slew of flashcards and quiz myself for greater comprehension.  I might even make up a .pdf file of printable 3x5s to share…


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