Day 255: The Ingredients of Magic

We Craft on the basis of “like attracts like,” which–as Roderick points out–means that if we symbolize our desires, we actualize its essence.  Therefore, if we want to actualize an outcome of drawing the best love we can to ourselves, we gather together a bunch of symbols that resonate with love and symbolically enact that actualization with them.  The symbols now and the future actualization are then drawn to each other, which helps the desired actualization actually come to manifest.

There’s a fine line to walk here.  Roderick says that “the key to success in magical operations is in gathering together the symbols that subtly, vibrationally attract your desire,” but that’s not entirely true.  I think most magical practitioners today would hold that the symbols are important, but you shouldn’t get bogged down in them.  Why, for example, might you need 24 pink candles for a love working?  Wouldn’t one do?  Do you need to pack enough items in a magical sachet that the sachet resembles a beach bag?  The gathering of symbols is important, but not completely crucial to the magical act.  The crucial part is energy.

However, symbols help a tremendous deal, and it is important to commit many correspondences to memory so that you do not have to dig through stacks of notes each time you want to do a working.

Today, Roderick focuses his correspondence on a list of magical colors.  Choosing colors to set the stage of our magical working can be incredibly evocative, and can be used in many ways.  For example, we can choose a candle of the color that represent our working’s goal, we can write our goal in an appropriate color of ink or we can write it on an appropriate color of paper, we can wear robes and clothing or jewelry of the appropriate color to the working, we can visualize ourselves surrounded by an energy field of the color appropriate to the working, we can drape our altar(s) in cloths of the appropriate color, and we can decorate our ritual space with the color, too.

The main task Roderick sets for us is to commit the list to memory.

The Colors of Magic

The Colors of Magic

Roderick also asks us to think of a magical working we would like to do and the colors that would be most appropriate for the working and the plantary association that goes with that color.  He also asks us to wear a specific color today for its magical effect, and asks us if the color changed anything.

If I were to do a magical working today, it would probably be to help my job prospects.  I’d probably use a combination of green for it’s growth and wealth properties, grey for counterbalancing any negative aspects of my application (so that the positive shines through more), and maybe pink or orange.  After all, I want to foster good relationships with my next working gig, and I want to be happy, too.  The planetary correspondences are, in order, Earth/Venus, all in retrograde, Venus, and Jupiter.

I actually already do practice a form of color-dressing.  For example, when I want to force a little happiness on myself, I reach for my “prison orange” tops.  Sadly, it is a fact that I look absolutely smashing in bright orange–I get a ton of compliments when I wear it, and I feel great in the color (especially when I pair it with sky blue accessories, or wear sky blue and pair it with orange accessories).  It never fails to make me cheerier.

Today, though, I’m sore and achy, and I have a low-grade headache.  Today I pull out a light blue t-shirt and jeans.  The blues are soothing, peaceful, and they help balance out my grumpy moods and promote healing.  By the end of the day, I did feel better.  Much less sore and *much* less grumpy!


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