Day 215: The Wand, Personal Symbol of Power

On day 214, we were to have magically infused the sigils into our wand by inscribing them into a pair of yellow candles and writing them in black ink onto a circle of yellow paper.  We were then to sprinkle the paper with air incense, twist it closed, and burn it on a piece of charcoal as we held the wand in the smoke, chanting “By the blessed thirteen moons, Sealed are ye by sacred runes!”  We were to finish by laying the wand between the candles and leaving it there until the candles burnt out or below the inscriptions.

Today, we are to do this with our own personal symbol of power.  In order to find that symbol, though, we go through a guided imagery meditation.


Close your eyes and take several deep breaths.  Scan your body from head to toe and note wherever it is you seem to hold physical tension.  As you note tension, breathe through the body part and release the tension.  Continue relaxing each part of your body until you feel wholly still and internally silent.

(Reader:  pause for a moment.)

Although your eyes are closed, imagine that you can see the wand you hold in your hands.  Imagine now that you hold the wand up to the eastern sky and say: “I summon thee, O symbol of power!”  Suddenly, a warm breeze blows and it carries a multitude of tiny glowing golden symbols–all of them are alike.  The symbols float and dance like fairies in the air around the wand.  Within moments, the wand blazes with a golden energy.  You peer at it and discover that it is engraved with the power symbol you saw floating nearby just moments ago.  Remember the symbol that you see, as well as where it is engraved upon the wand.

Once you have seen your air power symbol, allow the vision of the magical meadow to face and then open your eyes when you feel you are ready.  Record the symbol on a blank piece of paper and transfer this to the wand by painting it, engraving it, or magically infusing it.  When you have finished setting the personal power symbols on the wand, place it in a visually prominent location for the remainder of the day.

This is apparently my air symbol.  I like to think of it as a gust of wind.

This is apparently my air symbol. I like to think of it as a gust of wind.

I have to admit that I wasn’t all that certain I’d see a symbol going into the meditation, but–sure enough–my inner vision was full of these mirrored curls.  They’re not unlike the zodiacal symbol for Ares, but the staves don’t form a V, and it’s tilted to oneside.  I prefer to think of it like a gust of wind.

My air incense is still packed away, but I did pass my wand through a stick of sandalwood planted in some sand wherein I traced my symbol, then set it between two anointed yellow candles onto which I inscribed the symbol.  I think it will be nice start to building a better relationship with my wand, which is unfortunately the least used of all my tools.

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