I *Finally* Have an Athame I Like!

It’s been 10 years coming…

Natalie probably knows this, but I’ve been searching for an athame I like for ages. When I was in high school, I didn’t dare even think of purchasing one for fear of what my mother might do if she found it. In college, I lived with the RA my freshman year and didn’t want to risk getting into trouble. My sophomore year, however, we formed REDE and went to Indianapolis’s Pagan Pride Day. And, lo and behold, I found a vendor who had a couple generic six inch daggers.

Unfortunately, it never felt like an athame to me, and I didn’t respect it. In fact, I think I *might* have used it once. I don’t think I even bothered to consecrate it. (Don’t worry…it wasn’t a total loss. I do use it as a working knife.)

Still…that left me without an athame. But nothing I could find in a shop or online seemed, well, friendly enough. In fact, a darn good bit of them looked downright demonic. So about four years ago I decided to start saving my pennies to have Jay Fisher design me an athame. Of course, I found other things to spend them on–like furniture and applying to graduate school. I was starting to think I’d be an old woman before I’d find an athame I liked.

And then I stumbled across Ant’s Pottery on Etsy. Ant (as we shall call her) is an incredible woman. Her pottery is amazing, yes, but the little anecdotes she puts in the descriptions about her children and home life easily reveal what a wonderful mother and great person she is. It’s her young son, Jensen, who makes the athames, and he started doing so when his youngest sister was setting up her first altar. He saw a bunch of old dinner knives at a thrift store, and with some creativity and a Dremel tool, turned them into wonderful ritual tools!

I love, love, love that a child made this tool. I love that he used recycled materials and his own noggin’. I love that he’s got such a kick-ass family. And I really love just how perfect this athame is for me. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the athame that I’ll keep with me for the rest of my life.

3 thoughts on “I *Finally* Have an Athame I Like!

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    • I loved this li’l guy! I did eventually pick up another athame after I’d decided that Gardnerian Wicca was my cup of tea, but I still keep this one around. These days, it largely serves as a wax inscriber for candle magic.

      If I ever have kids (and my partner consents to raising them Pagan), I’m totally going to help them craft athames like this! It’s a brilliant idea.

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