Day 281: Making Magical Inks

A magical ink from the Etsy seller Anathemum.

A magical ink from the Etsy seller Anathemum.

I have never been drawn to making or using magical inks.  Honestly, I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m a snob when it comes to my writing tools, and I like inks that are archival quality.  Moreover, I don’t think I would trust a homemade ink within 50 feet of one of my precious fountain pens, and since I’m not much of a fan of dip pens…well, there’s not much of an opportunity for me to use one of these inks.

Many practitioners, however, feel differently, and they do inscribe their various spells and amulets with magical inks they’ve either made themselves or purchased from a fellow witch who can do it much, much better than they can.  If you’re drawn to the practice, Roderick gives instructions for four types of ink below:

Tree Ink

Burn a stick or twig from a magical tree and use this burned end to inscribe magical writings. The power from the tree imbues your spells.

Dragon’s Blood Ink
Dragon’s blood ink is a “compelling and commanding” type of ink.  It manifests your desires with force and swiftness.  Steep a teaspoon of powdered dragon’s blood resin in 1/8 cup of alcohol and 1/8 cup of gum arabic.  The result should be a red ink.  strain any remaining pieces out before you use it.

Dove’s Blood Ink
This ink has the same power as dragon’s blood, but to a lesser degree.  It has a friendlier, less urgent quality to it.  Use for love and friendship charms.  Make it the same way as the dragon’s blood ink, but add three drops of rose essential oil when completed.

Black Frankincense and Myrrh Ink
This ink gives the power of success and influence to any of your spells.  Burn frankincense and myrrh resins over hot coals.  Collect the smoke from this on an inverted spoon.  On the spoon add a few drops of hot, distilled water.  Do this slowly to allow time for the black from the resin smoke to blend with the water.  Add a minute amount of gum arabic to this mixture to thicken.

One thought on “Day 281: Making Magical Inks

  1. How very nice!

    I have been looking for example recipes for making my own “special” inks. I am looking to check out some recipes that use glycerol, alum, and such for making durable, long-lasting inks (as in the quality good enough for magical journals and such).

    I have used the burnt stick/twig approach for small charms and spells already. This was also how some of the first non-ink writings were done. This was also the basis for the invention of the “pencil”.

    I like this and am thinking about doing a class on the making of special ritual/ceremonial inks. This gave me the inspiration and ideas on where to start.

    – Thank you!

    Rev. Dragon’s Eye

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