Day 180: Contemplative Day, Words of Power

Well, when we last left the work of Timothy Roderick at day 178 and 179, we were moving on to the third element in his element studies and getting in touch with water connections, connotations, and the physical element itself.  Since there’s been such a large gap of chronological time since I performed those days’ activities, I would normally repeat those days.  However, I’ve been working with those correspondences and energies for more than a decade now and think I can probably skip the re-do.  Plus with all the attention I’ve put on changing my bathing routine, I’ve become super aware of ‘the experience of water’, and I’ve been a lot more emotionally aware this past month, too.  I think I can safely move on to Day 180, which takes a break from Water anyway with its contemplative day.

Meditative Question:  What are words of power?
Candle:  Orange
Direction:  Southeast

Witches often make use of “words of power” in their magical practices.  Words of power are utterances that make change both internally and externally.  The vibration of sound penetrates the various layers of existence and it causes change in the physical and spiritual worlds.  But from where do these utterances come?  Where do they go?  What are words of power for you?

To begin working with this contemplative question, find a comfortable meditative sitting position in a quiet space while facing the southeast.  Light an orange candle and sit approximately two feet away from the flame.  Cast your gaze upon the flickering candle and hold the question firmly for 20-30 minutes.

You may not arrive at a magically satisfactory conclusion in one sitting alone, so to manifest a greater depth of answer, it will be important to see this question as it actualizes in each of your activities.  Over time, a shift in your perception will take place and you will realize your own answer.

Funnily enough, the first ‘words of power’ that came to me and that really felt like resonating forces to me were some of the mantras I learned in Kundalini meditation!  To this day, when I need a little extra oomph to get me focused on grounding and centering, I start out with the opening mantra, which I suppose is properly called the Adi Mantra:

You don’t even want to know how long it took me to find a free music notation program and learn how to work it just so that I could present these few measures.  At any rate, when you use this mantra, you are usually sitting with a straight spine and palms together at the heart chakra.  You take a deep breath, chant the mantra in one continuous breath, and then repeat breath and chant twice more.  The initial “O” in ong is long and loud, and then you close your mouth for the “ng”, which makes it resonate in your head.  It get’s your attention in a serious way and forces you to focus.  The meaning of these syllables is pretty profound, too:  “I bow to the creative energy of the Infinite; I bow to the Divine channel of wisdom.”  I think it’s a perfect opener for meditative or magical work, and I find great power in these words.

I also have a fondness for an English language Kundalini mantra:  “Keep up.”  This is a mantra meant to remind you that you are only as good as you last thought, word, or deed.

I’m also developing a sense of power around some of the Hartwood Grove mantras, like the quarter calls we always use and the words Z. and Y., use to bless the cakes and ale (especially the concluding “Blessa, blessa, blessa!” which never fails to make me smile and feel a peaceful joy.

Were I to continue this meditation, I am sure I would dwell upon words that have a negative power for me, and many of them I think I say to myself over and over again when I’m feeling down on myself.  Unfortunately, I don’t feel strong enough to go there right now.  I’m alighting on one such word now, and all I want to do is run away.


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