Day 168: Air, Contemplation

Today Roderick asks us to get in touch with air energies through guided imagery, and asks us to journal about the experience afterwards.

As with most guided meditations, begin by sitting or laying in a comfortable position.  Commit the words to memory before you begin, or record the meditation or have it read to you.  Clearly, I am a fan of the recording method.

Close your eyes and take three deep, slow breaths.  Allow your breathing to become deep and rhythmic.  After a few moments, imagine that a twisting white mist begins to form in a ring around your feet.  You notice that with each inhalation, the ring of mist grows, expands, and climbs your legs.  Continue to visualize that with each inhaled breath the mist climbs your body until it covers you completely.

Once you feel the mist covering you completely, you begin to feel it lift you up.  Your body becomes as light as the mist that surrounds it.  Soon you are hovering over the place where you were sitting.  Imagine that the mist now begins to move you across a colorless, imageless void.  It is moving you through time and space.  It is taking you to a sacred place of magic and power.  Soon the movement stops and the mist dissipates.  The swirling mist vanishes to reveal a grassy meadow at dawn.  As you inhale deeply, you smell the scent of weeds and wild herbs, blossoms and morning dew.  Face the dawn and raise your arms.  In moments, you notice that a soft wind begins to blow from the east.  The wind picks up some force; it is warm and strong, but it does not threaten.  Begin to take deep, slow breaths.  With each inhalation, you take in the clean, clear powers of air.  Notice how this energy feels as it enters your body.

As you continue to inhale and absorb this element, you notice that the wind dies down.  Look now at your own spirit body and you’ll notice that you’ve taken on a golden aura.  You are filled with the element and powers of air.

Reader:  pause for a few moments.

It is now time to return to the place where you began your journey.  Look down at your spirit feet and you’ll notice that the glowing white mist has already begun to encircle your body like a cocoon of magic.  Once it covers you completely, it lifts you and swiftly carries you back to the place where you began.  When you are ready, open your eyes and stretch.  Take note of how different you may feel now that you’ve taken on the qualities of air.

Mmm.  I feel light and free:  very refreshed and open to…well…inspiration!  I have to admit that there’s a strong part of me that’s now itching to tackle my stack of grading where I was completely dreading it just before the meditation.  I want to find my friends and get coffee and talk about our projects and ideas.  I just feel so bright, both mentally and in receptivity.

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