Candle Holder Safety: Thermal Shock

Yipes! I'm glad I wasn't standing near this candle holder when it exploded!

I had a rather scary moment this morning!  I had lit a little stub of a candle to help me focus as I went on with my work this morning, and turned my back to it while I proceeded with work at my desk.  After a few hours, I suddenly heard this loud “pop!” and a clatter.  The candle had burnt down into the holder itself and the heat shock made the crystal explode.

Yes, this was a leaded crystal candle stick, so I am a little upset that I let it shatter (I keep telling myself it was only a $2 Goodwill find).  But I am thankful I learned this lesson.  From now on, I get candles out of glass holders before they burn to nothing.

I have found that porcelain holders can usually withstand a complete burnout, and obviously non-lead metal holders (usually!) won’t melt or fracture under heat shock.  Still, it’s often a better bet to remove the candle before it melts to the level of the holder itself…if only to help with cleanup!


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