Happy Birthday, Me!

Huzzah!  I am 27 today.  And my celebratory plans include making cupcakes and a rice salad for a Yule potluck at ye olde covenstead.  My girl pal Angela is going to come with me, which is AWESOME.  Angela studied for her masters in English along with me for the past couple years, and we were office mates last year.  She’s been keeping herself up in Portland over the past few months ever since her time at the program ended, and I don’t get to see much of her, so I’m doubly excited she was up for my birthday, potluck, and open circle.

In other birthday news, housemate Joey helped me finish the chicken coop yesterday!  Which is practically the best present ever.  This coop has been in construction since June.  In theory, we could still do a bit of work to it.  The plywood is starting to de-ply because I bought interior grade wood off Craigslist to save some cash.  I should at least replace the front panel and some of the stuff around the nesting box.  I should also figure out how to build an interior coop door so that the chickens will have a totally sheltered coop in case of very cold winters, and a couple sides of the coop could do with another coat of paint.

But for all intents and purposes…it’s done!

The finished coop! Isn't that a sexy, sexy roof?


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