Day 96: Spring Equinox, Coloring with Natural Dyes


Once you have several hard-boiled eggs, use a white crayon to draw the symbol from your vision onto the egg.  This symbol will intensify the vibrational color of the egg, drawing its influences into your life.  After you have marked the egg with your symbol, place it in the appropriate dye-color that corresponds to your vision.

  1. Red:  Soak eggs in beet juice for 30 minutes.
  2. Pink:  Soak eggs in cranberry juice for 20-30 minutes.
  3. Blue:  Infuse hot water with violet blossoms and soak eggs in the violet water overnight.  Or soak eggs in blueberry juice.
  4. Lavender:  Soak eggs in grape juice.
  5. Yellow:  Add 1.5 teaspoons turmeric and 1/2 teaspoon vinegar to 1 cup hot water.  Let water cool before soaking eggs.
  6. Gold:  Hard boil eggs along with onion skins.  Will have to draw symbol on w/ black marker after eggs have cooled.
  7. Brown:  Soak eggs in strong coffee
  8. Green:  Add 1/4 teaspoon baking soda to the solution from blue mix.  Or dip eggs into liquid chlorophyll.

When you’ve finished dyeing the eggs, set them aside in the refrigerator for tomorrow’s working.

In the future, I’d recommend verifying some of this information with some other natural egg dye resources.  I know that red cabbage, for instance, yields blue, not pink, and that beet juice is highly water soluble.  Once condensation happens after you take the cold egg from the fridge, your dye will be on absolutely everything else.

I rather wish I’d checked another source before doing the cranberry juice.  It’s too acidic to do much of anything.  As you can see, it etched the shell more than anything, and the resulting color is a pale dusky lavender.

As I didn’t have a white crayon, I didn’t inscribe my symbol onto any of the eggs.  I will visualize them for the ritual.


Day 94: Spring Equinox

And the big wheel turns around, around and the big wheel turns all around.

It’s Ostara in the accelerated calendar exercises.  To introduce the Sabbat, Roderick reminds us that it occurs when the sun enters Aries, which is between March 19th and 23rd…usually the 21st.  It is the time when day and night fall into equal portions.  Yet, though the equinox is physically about this equality, Wiccans tend to view this particular equinox as proof of the growth of light.  After this point, there will be more daylight than night time hours.  The days, already warmer than they were at Imbolc, will continue to see temperature increases.

If you live in a climate like Eugene, flowers will have been springing up for quite some time.  I believe I picked my first snowdrop in February.  By spring break, crocuses had been out for about two or three weeks, and the daffodils were starting their great eruption.  In Indiana, on the other hand, I would have expected a lot of buds and that first flush of green.

Of course, it’s also likely the “Easter Season” seeing as the Christian’s Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox, so the stores abound with all sorts of candy, spring flowers, eggs, and rabbit paraphernalia–and that all has pagan associations with fertility.  Roderick notes these (well, at least the flowers, eggs, and rabbits) are symbolic forms for three spring goddesses–the Scandinavian Ostara, the Saxon Eostre, and the Greek Astarte.  Over the next couple days, we’ll be pondering an egg dying exercise (egg dying predates Christianity by a long shot!) in order to tap into the fertile energy of Ostara.


In the world of Witches, eggs symbolize potential.  When you color eggs, you infuse them with the magical, vibrational qualities of the color you have chosen.  In a couple of days you will be coloring eggs with natural dyes, but before you engage in this activity, take time today to contemplate which colors and energies you wish to promote in your life.  Below are the colors we will use, as well as their magical, spiritual properties:

  1. Red:  Energy, lust, passion, drive, ambition, action, movement, decision
  2. Pink:  Love, friendship, peace, harmony, togetherness, tenderness, sentimentality
  3. Blue:  Emotions, flow, psychic awareness, freedom, peace, calmness, tranquility
  4. Lavender:  Spiritual understanding, spiritual awakening, spiritual mastery
  5. Yellow:  Communication, knowledge, speech, learning, the arts, inspiration
  6. Gold:  Health, wealth, joy, prosperity, abundance
  7. Brown:  Solidity, groundedness, practicality, clarification, work
  8. Green:  Financial gain, prosperity, health, growth, nurturing


Which colors seem best suited to your life right now?

  • Definitely the yellow, what with my grad work.  Probably the brown, too…lots of work and groundedness involved.  Green, too, for the growth and nurturing.  Likely lavender, too, because I’m actively involved in a spiritual path.

Which colors would you like to represent your life?

  • I wouldn’t mind a good dose of passion.  I can get very blasé about my work.  Maybe a good friendship would get me some fun and variety.

Which colors do you not want?  Why not?

  • Heh.  I think on some level, we want a balance of the whole darn rainbow.  I don’t think I’d mind energy from any of these colors.

Which colors will you select to represent what you want?

  • Good point.  I don’t have the resources to do all the colors.  I think I’d narrow it down to yellow, brown, and pink.  I really wish green could be in that mix, but I don’t think I can afford liquid chlorophyll right now.  (Oops!  That’s day 96!)