What Kind of Witch Snaps a Broomstick?

It’s been only a million years since I last updated.  Life has me so busy!  I knew transitioning to teaching school would be a lot of work, but I was vastly unprepared for the hours I’m putting into this job.  Twelve hour days at the school alone are now a norm, and most of my weekend hours are devoted to grading and planning.  I’m in an exceptionally demanding period of the year right now, both with teaching and with my graduate classes, and I’ve only been getting 3-4 hours of sleep a night since Spring Break let out.  Long story short…if you have kids, let their teachers know you appreciate them.

I don’t anticipate updating much here until the end of May, when things will start to lighten up with work and school.  At the moment, I plan to start plodding through the second Roderick book around then, but I’m still on the fence about that decision.  Frankly, I’d rather put my energies into finessing coven things, and I feel that needs to be a priority now.  There’s also other book things that I’m a bit more interested in at the moment…so I guess we will see what the summer holds when summer rolls around.


Well don’t I feel a fool.

In other news…I did a bone-head thing in circle last night.  I’m battling a cold, which always makes me a foggy delight.  There was a moment in circle where I was cracking a joke, but started to cough.  The cough knocked my balance out a bit, so I took a half-step backward to correct it…and promptly trod on the coven broomstick and snapped it in half!

I felt awful about it, and of course will replace it.  In fact, I just placed the order with Broomcorn Johnny’s in southern Indiana.  My coven leaders are pretty much the most kind and gracious people you’ll ever meet, so I probably could have waited a bit.  However, since “a broom bought in May sweeps the family away” and we’re now in the second half of April…I sure didn’t want to wait too long!

Recalling that bit of superstition made me wonder if there was any lore pertaining to breaking a broomstick.  I searched the Internet from top to bottom, though, and the only thing I found was a snippet from Henry M. Hyatt’s Folklore of Adams County, Illinois saying that “whoever breaks a broom handle will soon break someone’s heart.”  I guess I better tend to my relationships!

I was certainly quite surprised at how much broom lore I found, though.  Perhaps someday soon I’ll study it as a magical tool a bit more and see what else I find.


3 thoughts on “What Kind of Witch Snaps a Broomstick?

  1. We should really compare job notes sometime. I so relate to all of this.

    Also, glad to see you posting, even if we’ll have to wait for May for me. Also, Hiiiiii!!!!!! *waves*

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