Updates and Oddments

"Hare and Owl" (2015) by Jackie Morris. A watercolor made for the Suffolk Wildlife Trust. Presented here because it is wintery and gorgeous.

“Hare and Owl” (2015) by Jackie Morris. A watercolor made for the Suffolk Wildlife Trust. Presented here because it is winter-y and gorgeous…pretty much what I hope January brings.  December was so unseasonally warm!

What an odd, exhausting few months it has been!  My teaching job continues to be more demanding than I ever thought it would be, and I can feel myself becoming burnt out.  I thought that the winter break would get me some much-needed R&R time, but instead I find myself slogging through paper grading and lesson planning.  It’s been a full-time (and then some!) job, and I don’t even have kids for two weeks.  I’m surviving, and I’m told that next year will be better…but holy mother, May cannot come soon enough.  I need a long stretch of flex time.

Grad school is going well–I’m currently rocking a 4.0 with two semesters under my belt–and so far it has proven to be a manageable work load with teaching.  My classes this next term, however, are going to be more demanding, and one of my professors wants me to write a book with her…so we’ll see how the balance progresses.

Craft wise, it’s a bit of a toss-up.  I am so, so happy with the coven that I was initiated into this past November, and I adore everyone in the community and I am loving the new practices that I’ve been learning.  But my personal practice has definitely slid to nearly non-existent what with the demands of work and school.  I really need to find a way to carve “me time” into my day…and get the energy to do more than lounge on the couch and watch Netflix!  I have a mountain of BOS copying to perform and ponder, meditation and energy work techniques to practice, and a whole slew of other things I’d like to take on.

In the interest of New Year’s Resolutions, then, my resolution will be to develop a better work/school/Craft/life balance.  I definitely do not function well when I do not have a true “weekend” to follow my own needs, so my working solution for now will be to try to accomplish all my school and work tasks during Monday-Friday.  I think it can be done if I work a little smarter.  I suppose we’ll see if I can do it.

[UPDATE: It’s a couple years later and a reader messaged me to ask why I never announced my initiation into the new coven. The short version of this story is that it was a wonderful, personally moving experience and one that I wanted to keep to myself. When I first wrote about my Cal-Gard initiation, I’d only just made the blog publicly accessible and had no audience. Now, I’m a little shocked at the hundreds of reads each post gets, and I get reticent to share things.]

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