Krampus: Folklore gone Fad?

Well that's just pleasant.

Well that’s just pleasant.

Not to sound like a crotchety old lady…but what on earth is up with Krampus saturation in pop culture and pagandom this year?  I know there’s got to be something going on when I’m seeing bumper stickers all over the city with some sort of iteration is “Krampus is the reason for the season.”  Indiana is a very Christian place–the majority of students in my classes aren’t permitted to celebrate Halloween–and Krampus…well, he’s cosmetically challenging to Christian culture.

Google tells me there’s a horror film by that name that came out on the fourth.  Is that the source of all this Krampus stuff every where I turn?  Is there something else in the zeitgeist?  I literally can’t recall ever seeing a piece of folklore become so faddish so quickly.


3 thoughts on “Krampus: Folklore gone Fad?

  1. I’ve been invited to three Krampus-themed gatherings so far. I can’t figure it out either. There do seem to be fads that sweep through Pagan communities, both locally and in wider forums. Locally,belly dancing was ‘in’ a decade back, and sarongs, etc.

    I just don’t know sometimes.

    • He he! I’m stuck in the pagandom of 10 years ago. I still love belly dancing and sarongs! I wonder what the fads are today. I think I see more “homewares” whenever I go to festivals–lots of pottery, wall hangings, art, kitchen stuff–and soap. There’s so much soap.

      • Don’t get me wrong–belly dancing and sarongs are both pretty cool. Just because they were fads doesn’t mean some didn’t take to them on their own merits, rather than as an avenue to belonging!

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