Indy PPD Vendor Highlights

As I mentioned, Indy’s Pagan Pride Day is definitely a bit of a vendor fest–both one of its strengths and one of its weaknesses.  I do, however, enjoy the ability to flit from vendor to vendor and get a sense of new trends in Pagan merchandise.  I noticed a few area vendor regulars from back in my day–notably Hedwig’s Corner, who is still doing a brisk trade in bric-a-brac.  Three newer vendors stood out to me, though.

One of Faydwnn's Blades

One of Faydwnn’s blades. The image was shamelessly stolen from the Facebook page.

First up is Faydwynn’s Forge.  I was quite impressed by the selection of knives and swords she brought to Pagan Pride.  While I wouldn’t say the knives had impeccable balance or were absolutely perfect, they were gorgeous, carefully handcrafted, and full of love and skill.  You could tell that she had a great passion for her craft.  She also had a great panoply of historically inspired pendants and buckles and such from the Anglo-Saxon era.  I can definitely see where she’s a great asset to the Norse community.



I was also really smitten with the work of Sean Berne, an artist based out of Marion.  His runes were lovely–I ended up going home with a set–and I loved his work with leather cuffs.  I hope he comes up with a venue to make his work more accessible in the near future.  I could have gone broke in his booth.

Finally, I was rather taken by some of the artwork brought by Melissa Hamer, who was representing an area spa–Wellness Origin.  She had this series of botanicals that was to die for, and she had a few other very witchy prints, too.  I’m rather kicking myself for not snapping up several, but artwork was definitely not in my budget this month.  Maybe later!


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