It’s official: I’m in Indianapolis to stay

Oh the powers of photography.  Indy does not look near this good most of the time.

Oh the powers of photography. Indy does not look near this good most of the time.

Well, I’ve passed the initial intensive training and signed the employment contracts.  It’s official, folks.  I’m a proud Hoosier once again.

For a long while now, I’ve been trying to decide how best to follow my dream of becoming a high school teacher without incurring a bundle of student debt.  My working plan had been to save money from my income working as a corporate trainer and take education classes from a local college in the Tacoma area.   Unfortunately, after a year of training, it became patently obvious that this was an unrealistic goal.  It’s a really long story, the saga of working for this company, and no one is really all that interested in that woe.  Let’s just say there were three factors–company mismanagement, the elimination of agent metrics that my bonuses were structured on, and a promised significant raise that never occurred–that made what should have been a comfortable position into a survival position.  I was barely making rent and food money.  Saving for more grad school? Fuhgeddaboudit.

This is how I feel about a certain company that will not be named.

This is exactly how I feel about a certain company that will not be named.

When I realized I would need to make a ton more money to afford a traditional MAT program, I started looking into alternative licensing routes.  Now, there are a ton of ways to become licensed to teach, and practically every state has their own system.  It’s dizzying, all the different avenues to teaching there are.  What I eventually chose to do was to apply to a national social justice program that directs potential teachers into under-served urban school systems.  In February, I got word that I’d been accepted into the program and that they were sending me to Indianapolis.  In the middle of May, just after Beltane and my elevation, I moved from Washington to Indiana.

Now, if I’d been applying to these programs in December and got accepted in February and moved in May, why haven’t I said anything here until July?  Well, the program does not guarantee that a school will hire you, and I did not want to say anything about why I was moving back east in case I failed out of the program or failed to secure a teaching position.  The stats on these social justice programs aren’t exactly all that rosy.  In my own co-hort, only about 60% of the teaching fellows passed the training intensive, and there are still people who passed that are looking for employment.

Thank the gods!  This is going to be me in a few weeks.

Thank the gods! This is going to be me in a few weeks.

I was really lucky.  I ended up passing with a comfortable margin (as if there was doubt!), and I was offered six different teaching positions!  In programs like this, new teachers are strongly pushed to accept the first offer they get; after all, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.  I annoyed the program managers by waiting to accept anything until I heard back from my favorite school–which had an interview and vetting process that took nearly three weeks.  I am proud to say they extended me an offer, and I will function as a college adjunct professor and teach freshman/sophomore literature and composition classes to high school juniors and seniors.  Even better?  This school has an incredibly strong district-wide culture based on small class sizes and strict behavioral codes.  Content plus culture = one happy Melissa.

It’s the best of all worlds.  Honestly, it’s my dream job.  I feel so incredibly blessed to have been able to go through all these life changes–this program, this job, heck–even my new apartment–it’s all like what I envisioned when I set out the prosperity spell this past Yule.  The spell has not run its course, but I am right on track with the Midsummer checkpoints and look forward to turning the spell through October.

The hours are going to be incredibly long, and I don’t know what this will mean for my social life.  (Oh, who am I kidding?  I’m going to die an old maid surrounded by 14 cats.)  I don’t really know what this is going to mean for my witchery either, but I am being proactive and have a plan in place so that I can become an even better witch.

Yay me!


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