The year I almost missed the Solstice

I may need reminding why I thought setting off on these life changes was a good idea.  I’ve now hit the halfway mark of this summer intensive program, and last week I only got between 1-3 hours of sleep a night between Sunday and Thursday, and just 10 hours for the entire five day period.  I made up for it by sleeping 14 hours Friday night and 12 hours Saturday night…and utterly forgetting everything else save work.

I may have missed the Solstice sunrise, and I don’t have it in me to perform ritual today…but tonight, I am going to sit on the porch, drink some wine, and watch the gloaming deepen into night.

Happy solstice, everyone.


One thought on “The year I almost missed the Solstice

  1. Litha always creeps up on me as it doesn’t seem far enough away from Yule yet for the nights to start getting longer. I missed the sunrise too, but at least we can wach the sun set on the longest day. Joyous Solstice Melissa.

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