The Final Results of a Prosperity Spell

Not long ago, I posted a bit of a ‘how to’ on Hoodoo Honeypots.  As you’ve probably guessed, I posted it because I used the technique in a working.  Well, that working has concluded, so now I can talk about it.

The spell was in two parts.  The first was for general prosperity pertaining to the work I’m doing these days to pay the bills.  It had been a struggle to do my job lately, so I did a bit of a focus on drawing energy to me to make it more endurable and more prosperous.  The more important second part, though, was to help give me an edge in an academic job I’d applied to and was very hopeful about.  In the first focus, I just centered on being more satisfied at work.  In the second, I specifically envisioned the hiring committee being drawn to my application, extending me an interview, me wowing at the interview, the committee fixing me in their minds, etc.

Well, this was pretty much one of the first spells I did where the stakes were higher and I needed more than a subtle change.  In fact, I wanted the outcomes so badly, I enlisted the help of Soma Sidhe to help charge it all up.  So how did everything pan out?

Well, at least one.

Well, at least one.

Surprisingly well, is how.  At my current job, I was offered a promotion out of the blue.  About a month prior, I’d submitted an application to a trainer position and interviewed, but didn’t get the job: it was offered to a person who had done it before and was returning to the company.   But I’d apparently impressed the manager and the second another position opened up, he didn’t even bother opening the application pool.  He interviewed me again and offered me the job.  I’ve been doing it for about 5 weeks now, and it’s really made a major difference to how I feel about life.

The other focus?  It also went well.  I got the interview, and was told soon after I was the top candidate.  Unfortunately, I’ve just found out I didn’t get that job, but that was no fault of my own.  As it turns out, I would have in fact been offered the position, but the college decided not to fund it at the last moment. Funnily enough, funding was the one thing I didn’t focus on in my working.

Oh well.  Both experiences were ultimately far more successful than my doubtful self thought they would be, and they’ve left me feeling more positive about my career track than I have in a long while.


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