Collecting Big Ol’ Rocks

From left to right: mahogany obsidian, quartz ball, labradorite, Washington serpentine

From left to right: mahogany obsidian, quartz ball, labradorite, Washington serpentine

I hereby place a moratorium on myself for attending events where there will be rocks.  Over the past month, I’ve been to a rock show in Issaquah, Emerald Spiral in Kent, and the Gem Faire in Tacoma, and I’ve come home with big, honking specimens from each.  This is a significant departure from my past stone purposes:  all of those fit in one .75 liter jar!  Now I’ve got a huge chunk of mahogany obsidian, a crystal ball, a flashing labradorite, and a very spankable chunk of serpentine from my current homestate.  (Seriously, it’s about the size and shape of a baby’s bottom.  Every time I walk by it, I give it a comforting little spank.)

I’m not sure what I’ll eventually do with them, but it was one of those things where once you touch it, you know it’s coming home with you.  Now that I see them all gathered here, I wonder if perhaps one of the things I might use them for is to help me with meditations.  Obsidian itself is very grounding, and the mahogany variation brings growth and vitality to one’s lifework.  Serpentine clears chakras, pulls kundalini upwards (especially when placed at the crown), and enhances meditation.  Labradorite assists in bringing intuition into conscious intellect and helps to avoid judgement in contemplation.  Quartz, well, it’s the power stone.  I can see setting them about me with the labradorite in the east, obsidian in the south, quartz in the west, and serpentine in the north in my meditations.  Maybe even laying down so that the serpentine would be at my crown and obsidian at my root.

It’s food for thought.  I might give it a try and see what happens.


2 thoughts on “Collecting Big Ol’ Rocks

  1. Oh my do I love this!!! Have been to some of these shows in the past (I apparently live in the same area as you) and found myself wishing I had a large cargo van, more cash, and more space to place the stones that sing to me.
    And your idea for meditation…as I read it, I found myself imagining the exact setting, the placement of the stones…..YES!!!

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