A New Wand Smacks Me Upside the Head

My old wand above my new wand

My old wand above my new wand

I don’t even know what to say about this.  I have a new wand.  I wasn’t trying to get a new wand.  I didn’t even want one.  My wand was doing me just fine…or so I thought.

Coven sister W., her husband, our HPS Z. and I all ended up going to the Emerald Spiral Expo in Kent a couple weeks ago.  It’s a nice exposition, actually.  There’s loads of psychic readers, card readers, astrologers, palm readers, and even more crafts people.  I was especially struck by one woodcrafter in particular: Karl Feret of Rare Earth Designs.

I was more taken with Karl’s wooden journal covers, which are very ingenious–they bind regular old paper punched with a standard three-hole punch into a handsome book, but the pages can be re-ordered at whim or necessity–but W. started playing around with some of the wands, so I picked up a few, too.  They’re all lovely and masterfully made, and it was a pleasure to handle all of them.  Now, I’ve never had the opportunity to handle many types of wood all within a short period of time, so I was surprised to notice how different the different energies were.  They all shared that great, stalwart quality that all trees seem to have, but some felt like a mother’s hug, others like a father’s proud pat on the back, still more like a doctor’s concern, and some like the smile shared between lovers.  It was pretty amazing.

For awhile, I found myself really drawn to one particular wand–a ziricote specimen that Karl said had a paternal energy that helped one make well-considered choices–but talked myself out of it.  After all, I already had a wonderful wand back at home.  But as W. was paying for a wand she’d chosen, I picked up a couple of others…and when I touched my snakewood wand, I knew I wasn’t going to put it down again.

Holding both the snakewood wand and my old pine one, well it’s like the difference between holding a scalpel and a chef’s knife.  Both of them can get a cutting job done, but only one is going to have precision.  It’s remarkable how different the two are.  And almost scary how quickly I’ve fallen for my new wand.

But what do I do with my old one?  It’s been my trusty swish-and-flick for years.  I feel terrible de-commisioning it, but I doubt I’ll use it again.

Talk about first-world Pagan problems.


7 thoughts on “A New Wand Smacks Me Upside the Head

  1. Well if you have children or grandchildren, or whatnot, in the future who’re interested in the craft, you could pass it onto them? Or just hang onto it. Maybe it’ll serve a specific purpose? I have a lot of tools that I just don’t use anymore; they were faithful, and I find it difficult to just neutralize their energy and be rid of them. I may use them as teaching tools as my kids get older an pass them on if they choose to walk the path of the Witch.

    • That is a thought, although at this point children are entirely theoretical for me. I’m not sure I want to curate a collection quite that long. I thought maybe about fastening a large acorn to the end of it to make a priapic wand for Beltanes, but we’ll see what becomes of it.

  2. I am not surprised that you felt drawn to it, it is lovely wand!
    I have checked the link of the crafter and it’s amazing to see all those different types of wood in a single page!
    Congratulations on your new adquisition

    • Thanks, Alder!

      It really was something to experience his booth. As amazing as it is to see all those woods on his website, it’s something entirely different to see them in person. Wood to me has always felt like wood…I doubt I would have been able to tell energies between one type and another unless I’d had that ample array in front of me. It sure doesn’t hurt that his stuff is completely drool-worthy either!

      • Sounds like and experience I would enjoy…It’s “wood” for me as well!
        In my case, I’m still working on my wand. I was at my HPS’s house and she told me “I’ve got a gift for you” and later she came with a box full of branches, and I had to pick one.
        Curiously enough, there was a curved one with a handle that just fitted on my palm.
        As you can see, I am more of a pragmatic person for being a witch 😛

  3. A friend of mine also got a Snakewood wand at another local healing arts fair Karl attended. Having already purchased two wands and numerous discs from him, I thought I wouldn’t be buying more to work with until she handed her wand to me and I experienced a surge of energy. I just walked away, toward Karl’s booth with her wand, laser focused on finding anything in Snakewood. Luckily for me he had a Snakewood disc. I love it.

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