A Smattering of Neil Sims’s Pagan Artwork

Concept Art for Cernunnos bust

Sims’s concept art for the Cernunnos bust

I’ve definitely established that I am something of a fan girl when it comes to Neil Sims’s artwork.  He’s the artist behind the Cernunnos figure I love so much, and many of the pagans I know are equally enamored of his busts of Danu and Cernunnos (and the Morrigan, come to think of it).  But it’s been hard to find much of Sims’s work:  for an artist, he has a shockingly low Google profile.

With a freakish amount of Internet stalking research, I’ve learned that Sims is an accomplished artist, sculptor, and tatooist currently based out of a small community in Tyne and Wear, England.  For a good while, at least, he made figurines (fantasy, Laurel and Hardy, Doctor Who and all sorts of stuff) though his company Neil Sims Productions.  If Facebook is to be believed, most of Sims days are now spent at his tattoo parlor (which made the local news last year) and his family.

Truly, it seems as though if you would like some of Sim’s artwork, your best bet would be to fly to South Shields and have him ink it into your skin.  It is quite hard to find it otherwise.

Sims Collage

A grouping of some of my favorite Sims images featuring his Cernunnos.  Also, I’m totally digging the Goddess here.  She reminds me very much of what I thought Aradia should look like. The left image is sold as “Beltane” and the bottom right as “Mabon.”  The top right image is just one I found online and loved.  I think Sims might have initially posted it on an old DeviantART account.

There is, however, one person who supplies copies of Sims’s Pagan-centric art: Elizabeth Winterbourne.  Ms. Winterbourne is the webmistress behind paganwholesale.co.uk, which is a commercial trade-only site that sells pretty much only to brick-and-mortar stores…and pretty much only those in Great Britain at that.  She commissioned and holds the copyright to several of Sims’s images and sells them through this site.  This, however, has not boded well for people outside of Great Britain and for those uninterested in ordering bulk quantities.

This year, however, Ms. Winterbourne has opened another website, Spellweaver or thewitchesway.co.uk.  Unlike Pagan Wholesale, this is a direct-order website.  You can order as much or as little as you like, and Ms. Winterbourne will ship directly to America–and likely most other places in the world, too.  Several Sims pieces can be found on this site under both cards and prints.  These are some of my favorites:


All these are currently available at Spellweaver in the cards section.  Top row from left: Litha, Lammas, Imbolc.  Bottom row from left:  Fire Goddess, Forest Walker, We Are As One.

Please note that Elizabeth Winterbourne really does hold the copyright for all images in this post except for the Cernunnos bust and the reclining Cernunnos.  They are used here with her permission (thanks!) and cannot be used elsewhere.  Elizabeth also has several original Sims pieces that she is selling for between £500-£750 ($850-$1250).  Interested parties can contact her through Spellweaver’s Customer Service page.


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