Pizza and Divination Night

Last Friday, the three Witchlets of Hartwood Grove organized a bit of a low-key magical get together.  See, in our coven the HPS and HP sort of have us hibernate between Samhain and Candlemas, which means we all really miss each other by the time early February rolls around.  Well, we decided to take that in hand by meeting up for group divination, pizza, and beer at W.’s. house.  It was perfect:  not only did it require very little preparation (I picked up a couple Papa Murphy’s pizzas and brought the beer), it gave us ample time to catch up and create some group bonding without being on a ritual timetable.

And man, did we get some quality divination practice in.  It was quite ingenious, actually.  One person at a time asked their question, and then they and everyone else all laid out a divination using their oracle of choice.  W. and I used our Robin Wood tarot decks, W.’s husband used his Wildwood tarot, and V. seemed to pull out a different oracle for every person.  (She used her handmade playing cards for W.’s reading, her MacDaddy crystal ball for mine, her Domari spice bag for W.’s husband and her handmade tarot deck for herself.)  Then each person would explain the interpretation of the reading they did, and then we’d all chime in with our insights and eventually craft a collective message from all of it.

It was so remarkable to see how everyone’s readings dove-tailed.  Yes, different cards got pulled in different arrangements for the same question, but it was so interesting to see how many of the same cards showed up in each set.  There seemed to be a minimum of three shared cards in the readings S. and I did with our decks, and the other cards would often share close meanings.  Honestly, I was getting shivers up my spine the whole night.

I don’t have permission to share the readings of others, but I can certainly share the one I did for myself.  In this, I asked “What must I do to get my teaching career back on track?”

“What do I do to get my teaching career back on track?”

Now, while I used a typical Celtic Cross spread, I used more of my own intuition to see how the cards fit each other, so some of the traditional position meanings don’t apply here.

At the whole core of the matter is the five of wands, the card of “unfulfilled struggle.”  I’ve chosen to interpret this as essentially me struggling with myself.  There is still the lingering question of, “Is teaching really what I want to commit my life’s work to?”  My whole life, I’ve been so capable of so much and everyone has just told me I have to pick something.  But I never want to pick just one thing.  I think there’s also an element of me struggling just to struggle here.  I’m making it more difficult than it really should be.  The energy crossing the root is the seven of swords, the “thief” card.  Sometimes the crossing card can be opposing energy to the root, but sometimes it is energy that augments the condition.  Here, I think it’s more of the augmenting.  I choose it to mean that because of my lingering in the struggles, I’m robbing myself of some great opportunities for success.

Beneath these cards is the six of wands, which is typically a card of triumph, a card where you can bask in the sun and enjoy a period of joy, control, and happiness.  However, I think this means that the root of the matter is that I might suffer from “White Horse Syndrome.”  I want the prince on the white horse to swoop in and solve the problem for me, rather than put the work into solving my problem for myself.  However, I think that when I recognize these energies and correct for them, a potential outcome is noted in the nine of cups:  satisfaction, plenty, and fulfilled wishes.  I like the nine of cups.  It shows one of the only truly fat people in the tarot, and it carries the typical connotations of the stout:  someone thoroughly sated in security.  That’s really what I want out of a career, enough to keep me satisfied intellectually, emotionally, and materially.  I want to be content, and I think that if I can sort myself out, I’ll be in line to obtain it.

Flanking the center column of the cross are the Moon and the High Priestess, two visually similar Major Arcana cards.  Typically in the Celtic Cross spread, these positions would mean recent past and immediate future, but here I think they note the spiritual tools I require to help guide me out of my internal struggles.  I think that together they’re pointing to a concentration on my first-degree work, which is getting to know the Goddess.  The moon is a card of that inner wildness, or lunacy.  There’s a freedom here to let go and to dance like no one is watching and howl like no one can here.  This is a lesson I struggle with, I’m so buttoned-up and conservative.  And, of course, the High Priestess is all about spiritual leadership and maturity–the Lady in her most positive roles.  I think these cards mean I need to explore all her guises and increase my spiritual understanding in order to determine my “really wants” and overcome my internal struggles.

I struggled to understand the meaning of the column, but V. and W. were a great help here.  Together, we determined that this column is adding more information to the center cross.  We read the King and Queen of Pentacles together as perhaps more of a shared couple.  V. saw this more as once I got myself sorted and improved my self image and saw myself as the warm and generous Queen I can be at my best, I’ll be in a place where I can meet my King, a dependable, healthy partner in all the best senses of the word.  This might be a romantic relationship, and quite possibly meeting The One.  The thing that is holding me back from this is the “hopes and fears” of the five of cups.  I need to get over my tendency to focus on what I’ve lost and learn to appreciate what remains.  If I can, the three of cups is my outcome:  good fortune, harmony, joy, and ‘practiced abandon.’  It’s a whole realm of unbridled creativity, just waiting for me to get over myself in order to find it.


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