Day 365: Devotional Day, Honoring Yourself

As we’ve learned, we ourselves are parts of the divine.  The divine in us is who we our in our core essence.  The divine is therefore as flawed as we are.  Our lives, just as they are, are the lives of the Gods.  So we take time to honor ourselves and take our places among the pantheons.

It’s a good idea to take some time and build a list of our own correspondences, perhaps starting by reviewing our numerological correspondences.  We can design our own magical symbol (perhaps based on runes or astrological signs or other meditative work), choose which of the magical tools is most “us”, what herbs we have penchants with, and what oils feel representative of us, the directions we have the most affinity with, and what our greatest skills, gifts, and spiritual assets are.  We can also list our newly-found animal symbols, the foods we find sacred and delicious, and the stones that hum closest to our own energies.  Once we’ve got all this figured out, we can construct an altar that best embodies who we are as magical, divine beings.

Huh.  Building an altar to myself seems so…decadent.    But I guess it makes sense, given how we see the divine in ourselves as well as in the world and myths around us.  I guess I might as well give it a go.

If I had to come up with a table of correspondences for myself, I think it would look something like this:

Table of Correspondences:  Melissa

  • Symbols:  Bee
  • Tools:  The Pen of Writ, Book of Shadows, pentacle
  • Magical Essences/Herbs:  Grapefruit, vanilla, frankincense, jasmine
  • Direction:  Interior
  • Color:  Orange, sky blue
  • She Rules:  Pragmatism, pedagogy, practice
  • Animal Symbols:  Badger, bee
  • Sacred Foods:  Cheeses, blueberries, citruses, tea
  • Magical Stones:  Larimar, butterscotch amber, carnelian
My altar to myself

My altar to myself.  Sorry it’s so blurry.  I did this late at night.

I think it’s important for me at this point to acknowledge that this altar could not, would not, have existed in this form back in 2008 when I started this project in earnest.  Nor would this altar have looked like this back when I first set foot on the pagan path waaaay back in the late ’90s.  It won’t look the same a year from now.  My inner divine self is always changing, always learning new things about itself, about others, and about my relationship to them.

This time this year, I only owned two of the items on this altar, my chalice and my pen.  Everything else has been something that’s caught my eye or been gifted to me this year.  It’s been a huge year.  I’ve been initiated.  I’ve got my life back on track.  I’m dreaming again.  I feel like a divine self rather than someone who is just existing.

I’m thankful that I’ve had the opportunities that have brought me this far, and I look forward to seeing how my divine self grows in the future.


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