Day 364: Contemplative Day, Nothingness

Meditative Question:  What lies at the center of nothing?
Symbolic Color:  None
Symbolic Direction:  Nowhere

This is the final meditative question of the year-and-a-day study.  Freud once stated that life is a circular journey; it emerges from nothingness and then submerges once again into the void.  It is a brief reverberation between two silences.  Similarly, Joseph Campbell says that the chant word “Aum” is a four-syllable word.  The first three syllables are the sounds of the word (ah-uu-mm).  The fourth syllable is the silence from which the sound came and to which it returns.  This sound represents the complete round of our human life.

Since we’ve come full circle today, our question is apropos.  However, the question poses a paradox: How can there be a center of nothing?  The ultimate realization of the divine, of life, and of our own selves resides within the answer to this contemplative question.

It is advisable to work with these inner-mystery contemplations while sitting within your magic circle.  Find a comfortable meditative sitting position.  Use no candle, incense, or oil.  Simply rely on your own abilities to go within and search for the truth.  Cast your gaze downward and blur your vision so that you do not focus on any one point on the floor.  Look through the ground in front of you instead of at the ground.  Hold today’s question firmly for 20-30 minutes.  If you notice extraneous thoughts intruding as you concentrate on your contemplative question, simply take note of the thoughts and shift your focus back to the question.

Now that a year has gone by, what lies at the center of nothing?  You tell me.

I’m not trying to be all deep or anything, but the answer that eventually came to me is that the center of nothing is all and that the center of all is nothing.  It’s one of those situations such as happiness and sadness:  they cannot be fully defined and realized unless you know its opposite.  How can you enjoy the peaks of pleasure if you don’t also know the contrast of despair’s valleys?

In some of our creation stories, in the beginning there was nothing.  From the nothing came the Dryghtyn, the all-god, male and female.  To better know itself, it split into the God and the Goddess, and through that self-knowledge came the knowledge of love.  From nothing, all was born, and eventually it will all collapse into nothing once more.

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