Day 359: More Numerology Correspondences

I personally found this an odd day for Roderick.  He basically asks us to construct a spell using the numerology chart from yesterday.  As I’ve written the chart off, I shan’t be doing that.

Roderick does, however, ask us to numerologically analyze our names and birthpaths and those of some of our family and friends.  He asks us to then us the elements from his chart to correspond with the numbers we figure to get an idea of why some people really get along and others are enemies.  He gives the following elemental guidelines:

  • Each element balances best with its own element (e.g. air with air, water with water, etc.)
  • Male energies harmonize (e.g., air and fire) because both are active principles.  The drawback is that air tends to fuel fire, so air might make fire angry.  On the positive side, fire might feel stimulated by air.  Air might feel depleted by fire, or it might feel as though it is the center of a fire person’s attention.
  • The female elements of water and earth make another good paring, because they are both receptive principles.  However, water and earth make mud and these two can potentially lose their relational boundaries easily.
  • Air is least harmonious with earth and water.  Earth believes air is too flighty and insubstantial.  Water wants to feel and air wants to think and analyze, so water will feel as though air is lacking in emotional depth.
  • Fire harmonizes least with water and earth.  Fire feels extinguished or grounded by both of these energies.  Earth believes that fire is too energetic.

I can’t say I disagree with a lot of this, but I don’t know enough about numerology to figure out if the elements Roderick has given pair up well with the numbers.  Frankly, most element + numerology systems I’ve heard of use the Chinese five element system.  Usually the four elements and a person’s personality are an element + astrology pairing.

Alas, this too is something I think I will pass by.

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