Day 357: The Birthpath

Numerology isn’t restricted to matching letters with numbers.  You can also use it to get a sense of how different energies work on different dates.  One very important date is your own birthday.  The energy associated with this is your birthpath.

Your birthpath is easily calculated.  Just add together the month, day, and year of your birth.  The month’s from January through September correspond with numbers 1-9.  October, November, and December as 10, 11, and 12 reduce to numbers 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

My own birthdate is December 19, 1983.  This means I add 1+2+1+9+1+9+8+3.  This gives me 34, which reduces to 7.  Roderick’s descriptions for the various birthpaths are as follows:

Number 1 Birthpath
You are here to be a leader.  Strike out Boldly.  It is the lifetime for you to do things independently.  Express your originality.  Teach people the “right way” to get things done.

Number 2 Birthpath
You are here to express and channel the goddess’s energy.  Express kindness and nurturing to other people and the planet.  Teach others about getting in touch with their divine feminine and their gentility.  Work as a relationship counselor, diplomat, or psychic.  You’ll be a good parent.

Number 3 Birthpath
You are here to express yourself creatively.  Don’t settle for any way of life that may hold back your creative juices.  Write, act, create artistic masterpieces.  Whatever you do, find some format to express your vision.

Number 4 Birthpath
You are here to explore a life of stability.  Teach other people how to be as practical as you are.  You will mostly teach others by your example.  You are also here to show others how to use the mind rationally.

Number 5 Birthpath
You are here to explore life as an adventure.  You feel best when you dig into life with no formal plans.  Travel and unpredictability are in store for you, but this won’t worry you as you are freedom-loving and versatile.

Number 6 Birthpath
You are here to explore life through partnership and family.  You will work best when you have formed a solid relationship with a suitable life-partner.  You will be drawn to having children and will most likely be a good parent.

Number 7 Birthpath
You are here to explore the spiritual side of things.  You should look deeply into the nature of life and explore the spiritual mysteries of many different paths.  Or you might be drawn to a life of asceticism or of monastic living.  Since this may not be a viable choice for you, be sure to spend time each day exploring your spiritual nature.

Number 8 Birthpath
You are here to explore the world of material gain.  Don’t fight it.  Your interest in finances, monetary gain, and the power these things can bring is valid.  Through this path you will learn how to be reasonable, fair minded, and how to balance physical with spiritual needs.

Number 9 Birthpath
You are here to express your humanistic tendencies.  You will be drawn to work and activities that allow you to give all that you can and to care for the needs of others.  Be careful of giving beyond your means.

Number 11 Birthpath
You are here to express your ideals.  You will be motivational to other people and some might say you are a visionary.  You may not be very practical, but you will inspire those around you who will have the practical know-how.  You are also here to learn to trust your psychic senses.

Number 22 Birthpath
You are here to work on behalf of the world community.  You may think in terms of global concerns and you will most likely have the practical ability to express or even carry out large-scale plans.  You are here to put the larger community ahead of your own concerns.

Number 33 Birthpath
You are here as a master teacher or guru.  In this lifetime you can easily teach spiritual principles and your truth will change the lives of everyone who hears it.  You are a force to be reckoned with.  You are here to serve spiritually in a public life.

I don’t know how I feel about being a birthpath 7.  I can’t deny that I’m drawn to asceticism and that I like to explore the spiritual side of things…but it’s so much work!  Why couldn’t I have been a six or a four?!

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