Day 356: The General Meaning of Numbers

Roderick gives us the following correspondence chart for the 9 numerological numbers plus the three master numbers:

Number 1 Traits:
Independent, original, pioneering, bossy, fiery, driven, goal-oriented, self-centered, masculine energy, courageous, determined, freedom loving.

Number 2 Traits:
Feminine energy, balanced, intuitive, cooperative, receptive, diplomatic, loving, moody, ambivalent, indecisive, intelligent, process-oriented, circular in thinking and expression, relationship-oriented.

Number 3 Traits:
Creative, expressive, good with written and spoken expression, enthusiastic, sociable, quick-minded and quick to speak, flirtatious, impractical, lighthearted, analytical, judgmental, scattered.

Number 4 Traits:
Stable, solid, reliable, slow-minded but practical in thought, rational, grounded, clear-headed, strong work ethic, model citizen, disciplinarian, harsh, stubborn.

Number 5 Traits:
Loves travel, resourceful, versatile, unpredictable, sometimes irresponsible, desires freedom and expansion, insatiable curiosity, impulsive, adventurous, loves speculation and gambling, risk-taking.

Number 6 Traits:
Need for companionship, kind, tolerant, strives for peace and harmony, family oriented, smothering, good sense of timing, can be argumentative.

Number 7 Traits:
Thoughtful, considerate, analytical, spiritual, deep thinker, knowledge-seeking, dislike of manual labor, perfectionist, down-to-earth, can easily recognize deception, attracted to animals.

Number 8 Traits:
Just, self-disciplined, cautious, successful, lives by the Golden Rule, organized, interested in finances and monetary gain, executive material, power-hungry.

Number 9 Traits:
Governed by love, humanistic, compassionate, selfless, a giver (sometimes unwisely), flexible, broad minded, forgiving, emotional or possibly indifferent, escapist tendencies.

Number 11 Traits:
Spiritual revelation, idealism, emotionalism, visionary, feelings of futility, imperiousness, depression.

Number 22 Traits:
Extroverted, financially stable, complete control, mastery, can be destructive and exploitative.

Number 33 Traits:
Master teacher, worldly success, skillful, famous, perfect in relationships, can be oppressive, poor or misuse of power.

My magical name, which sums up to a 3 implies that my overall spiritual focus is largely linguistic and a creative, expressive outlet for me.  Which makes some sense–in my immediate spiritual group, I resort to writing my way through an issue much more readily than others in the group.  The double sixes of my first and last names, however, implies that this writing is the result of a deep need for companionship and community:  the community is the foundation for my creativity.  I would argue that this too is apt, for I chose both names as reminders of community importance.

My legal name gives me the sum number 4, which implies that my mundane self is highly pragmatic and grounded.  My first and second names both end up as 3s, which indicates I might seek mundane security (ie work) in literary pursuits…which is accurate, since I am essentially an English teacher and writer.  My legal last name is a 7, which implies that my family traits are largely curious, analytical people who don’t care too much for manual labor and can tell a lie from a mile away.  I think this might be so.  I don’t have much experience with my father’s side of the family, but I do know that they like to do manual labor for fun…that is, on their own terms.  They’re also all very curious people and are constantly learning and mastering new things.


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