Day 355: Numerology

Numerology can be defined as the study of mystical relationships between numbers and the spiritual properties of objects and living things.  But that’s about as tight as it gets.  There are lots of different numerology and numerological divination systems, and whole sets of traditions and beliefs that spring up around each one.

There’s no full agreement across all magical disciplines on what system to follow, but Roderick notes that many modern occultists rely on the Serial English-Qabalah system, which is the simplest and most readily understandable method.  This Western method maintains that the 9 primary numbers are each imbued with occult powers and that all 9 numbers are associated with different letters of the alphabet.  Each of the numbers (and through them, the letters) symbolically link to planets, natural elements, and divinatory meanings.

Here are the number/letter correspondences under the SEQ:


Gosh darn it…I just saw a typo. H should be 8, not 9.

Roderick says that these numbers were determined by placing each letter in its usual sequence and then numbering them.  Double-digit numbers assigned to letters are then added up to arrive at a final single digit.  The entire numerological system is based on these same reducing principles.  Each word has numerological associations arrived by adding the single digits of all letters together.  The only numbers that are not reduced are the numbers 11, 22, and 33 which are considered master numbers.

For example, let’s figure out the numerological associations of my magical name, Melissa Zupan:

As you can see, you simply look up the numbers associated with each letter in the word, then add those together.  In each word in my name, the numbers added up to 24, and 2+4= 6, so each number of the two name words is 6.  To get the single digit number of my whole name, you add each name number up, then reduce them.  In this case, the double sixes add to 12, which reduces to 3.  My legal name adds up to 21, 30, and 34 which reduces to 3, 3, 7 and then finally to 4.

The meanings of these final numbers are the subject of tomorrow’s exploration.


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