Day 354: Using the Runes in Magic

Rune-inscribed Candles

Rune-inscribed Candles

Now that we know what some of the energies surrounding the different runes are, the sky’s really the limit in using these signs in magic.  Obviously, a perennial pagan favorite is to inscribe them on candles to get a bit of their oomph going in a candle-magic working, but runes can be inscribed on just about anything in the pursuit of a spell.  I’ve even incorporated runes into some very special pysanky I’ve made as talismans in a working.  Roderick mentions you can wear them on you as jewelry, or you can go further and draw or tattoo them upon yourself.  You can even lay them down with your athame, and you can draw them in the air and upon objects with that athame much in the same way we draw pentacles during circle or set up wards in a protective working.

One of my favorites, though, is another Roderick suggestion:  performing instant magic by visualizing a glowing rune in front of you and appropriate to the situation.  Some of the best protections and wardings are simply a powerful rune visualization!  They’re also great to visualize as part of a meditation.

Roderick includes a brief table here with the rune names, their sigils, their powers, and the astrological symbol they’re aligned with.  However…I find it a little problematic.  As far as a quick reference goes, I actually tend to prefer the little info-sheet that came with my own rune set.  I’ve included a link to a scan of that sheet in my post for tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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