Day 353: Casting All the Runes

Now that we’ve gone through all three Aetts of the Anglo-Saxon runes, it’s time we perform a spread using all of them together.  Roderick recommends this simple spread, which positions four different runes with elemental energies:

Roderick's Elemental Rune Spread

Roderick’s Elemental Rune Spread

Turn all of the runes over so you cannot see any markings.  Lay them in front of you in a large grouping.  Think of a situation–not a question–that needs clarity and new understanding.  Draw four rune-stones, one at a time.  The first represents the element of earth, or the way the situation presents itself in the here and now.  It is the current manifestation of the situation.  Place the second rune below and to the right of the first.  This is the rune of air.  It represents your thoughts and ideas about the situation.  It could also represent any first actions that have already taken place.  Place the third rune below and to the left of the first.  This represents the element of water.  It shows your feelings surrounding the situation.  It may also represent your dreams or intuitions up to this point.  Place the final rune directly below the other three, in a straight line with the first.  This is the fire rune, which represents the action you need to take in order to successfully approach or resolve the situation.

As with most of my “larger” readings I’m willing to share on this site, I decided to ask about my love life.  In particular, the question was “What do I need to do to meet a good man in 2014?”

In my reading, the rune in the first position, earth, was mannaz.  As we now know, this is the rune that stands for ideal human archetype:  the best that man can be.  It’s our inner divinity and our ability to relate to each other.  If this is to be how me meeting guys stands in the here and now…I think it’s a little too apt.  When I meet guys I could be interested in, I immediately judge them against this impossible standard.  I want them to be fully actualized gentlemen, thoughtful people who have their lives together and are interested in a spiritual connection.  There’s nothing wrong with that in itself…but really, how many people meet this mark?  I’m setting my standards awfully high.

Rune number two, air, is tiwaz, the rune of justice.  It notes the tendency to serve a higher truth, and it indicates strength of will.  As the rune that represents my thoughts and ideas about me meeting guys, I think there’s a lot here.  My higher truth has always been not to bother with people who aren’t ‘worthy’ of me.  That’s not to say I’m some amazing catch–Lord knows I’ve got my glaring flaws–but I know that it is just not worth it to waste time trying to make a partnership with someone I’ve got to play “Mom” to or who is going to use me for their own selfish purposes.  I know that it’s worth it to wait for someone great, not someone who is just there.

The third rune here is othala, and it’s the second time it’s popped up in a reading for me recently.  Here, it takes on the element of water and indicates my feelings about meeting guys.  I think it’s pretty clear that my feelings here are that I feel most drawn to someone who is true kin and community, and that this is what I desire most in my heart of hearts.  Again, not too surprising.

The fire rune, or the actions I need to take to actually meet Mr. Right in 2014 is, elhaz.  I’m not really sure what to make of this.  This is a rune of strong protection…and frankly, I think that half of my dating blindness is that I’ve historically been far too concerned with protecting aspects of myself and my future to open up enough for meeting someone or at least giving them a chance.  But maybe it’s a protection of self-knowledge here.  It’s the element of hunt magic here that makes me think of this.  To hunt effectively, you have to know the terrain like the back of your hand.  You’ve practically got to merge with it in order to get close enough to your prey to bring it down quickly, safely, and humanely.  In that respect, it’s also a huge rune for ultimate partnership and symbiosis.  Maybe it’s as simple as to get a friend I have to be a friend?  Know thyself to know others?  It’s food for thought at least.

My first proper rune reading.  I'm so grown up!

My first proper rune reading. I’m so grown up!


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