Day 352: Casting Tyr’s Aett

Gather together all eight of Tyr’s runes.  Turn them over so that you cannot see their inscriptions.  Stir the runes with your left hand while you look skyward.  Think of a question about which you would like some insight.  Hold both hands over the runes, look skyward, and say:

Guide my hand with the hand of fate,
Goddess drawn from Tyr’s eight!

Draw a single rune for your answer.  Make the connection between your question and the rune symbol.  Now take action based on the insight you receive.

The common thread between all three of these Aett readings is that I’m interested in job applications and starting my life afresh somewhere else in the world.  Lately, I’ve been contemplating Colorado.  This is not necessarily something that seems appealing at first glance.  I have zero family there, almost no friends (with the exception of my amazing HP), and no religious community (again, with the exception of my HP).  I also have an abhorrence for high-altitude baking.  Frankly, that alone would keep me far, far away from Colorado.

And yet…some of the best opportunities I’ve found have been out there.  It doesn’t hurt that I also have glorious memories of the Denver area from a childhood trip out there (I caught three trout!  And chased mountain goats under a rainbow!)  Nor does it hurt that everyone I’ve ever known who lived in Colorado is clamoring to get back there.  So I’m seriously considering it.

My question was what energies surrounded a potential Colorado move, and to my immense surprise the rune was Othala!  Home, hearth, community, clan.  I think the message is that even though I don’t have the infrastructure I so crave there right now, if I go there…it will come, and I will be happy.  I will build the clan of my heart.

Sounds like a plan to me!

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