Day 343: Casting Hagal’s Aett

Gather together all eight of Hagal’s runes.  Turn them over so that you cannot see their inscriptions.  Stir the runes with your left hand while you look skyward.  Think of a question about which you would like some insight.  Hold both hands over the runes, look skyward, and say:

Guide my hand with the hand of fate,
Goddess drawn from Hagal’s eight!

Draw a single rune for your answer.  Make the connection between your question and the rune symbol.  Now take action based on the insight you receive.

Like I did when I cast Freya’s Aett, I’m interested in the energies surrounding certain job applications.  Since Freya’s Aett casting, though, I’ve gained employment and I’m not so desperate.  Granted, I want work in my field and work that doesn’t make me depressed just by showing up to the office…but I’m just not desperate for work now.  These jobs I have in mind are applications to become a high school teacher, which is now the dream.  I have some options right now…I can either find work in a new part of the country where you can become a teacher without first getting an MAT, or I can go back to school.  This reading was for whether or not I should apply to the actual jobs before applying for more school.

The rune I pulled was Pertho, which as Paxton notes means I should “explore the implication of the operation of fate” in this situation.  There’s some truth to this.  I’m scared to confront the uncertainty of signing on to be head of a classroom when I’ve got no official training in managing a K-12 group.  But there’s also the implication of gaming here–lightening up and just playing the game.  I’ve got work now…I don’t have to view every application as life and death.  I can just enjoy the process and let the chips fall as they may; let fate find me instead of chasing it, perhaps.


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