Day 332: Contemplative Day, Where Are the Gods?

Meditative Question:  In what realm is deity found?
Symbolic Color:  White
Symbolic Direction:  Center

Where on earth are the gods?  That’s a good question.  Nobody knows; that’s because knowing is not the same as feeling and experiencing.  It may take you some time before you see what is hidden in plain view.  It is through this question that seekers are able to access the realm of deity to awaken their spiritual and magical abilities.

Remember that it is advisable to work with each of these inner-mystery contemplations while sitting within the center of your magic circle.  As usual, find a comfortable meditative sitting position in the center of your circle.  Light a white candle and sit approximately two feet away from the flame.  Cast your gaze upon the flickering candle and hold the question firmly for 20-30 minutes.  Close the circle, but retain the question throughout the day.  Soon you will find the gods’ realm.

Have you ever held two magnets together?  When you put the ends with the same polarity next to each other, you can feel a strong, invisible force pushing the two ends apart.  But when you put complementing poles next to each other, they fly together.  Only stronger forces anchoring the magnets can hold them apart.

I think that we exist in the space between the magnets.  I feel the Goddess beneath my feet and the God above me, and all the life that occurs on the planet’s surface is the interface between their magnets:  the energy that pulls them together.  It’s this pull I feel most strongly when I ground.

But part of my grounding is centering–finding that still, quiet place within myself.  I think that the Gods are here, too.  They play in their interface of life just as much as they do in their own realms.  Maybe that’s why we feel their pull.

Within and Without.  Above, Below, and Center.


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