Day 320: Asking a Question

Today, we essentially perform the same exercise as yesterday, but with a specific question in mind.  Go to a darkened room, light a candle and set it behind the mirror, hold your hands to the mirror’s surface and whisper it’s secret name three times.  When that’s done, gaze into the mirror and allow your mind to become a blank page except you hold that question forward in your mind and let it become the only information on that page.  When you begin to see imagery, jot them down without trying to make any mental associations between them and your question.  When you are finished, extinguish the candle and cover the mirror with its silk.

Finally, sit down with your conscious mind and make associations between the imagery and your question.  Roderick has a good example:

Let’s say I asked about my relationship and the image I saw was a maple tree.  What do I associate with maple trees?  Maple syrup, the East Coast or North America, and the changing of the seasons.  from here I can perhaps read the symbols in this way:

  1. Perhaps my relationship will be going through a change, but this change, like that the maple tree goes through, will be natural; it would therefore be important for me to keep in mind that all things have their rhythms.
  2. My relationship is solid as a maple tree.  At its center is a certain sweetness that I find satisfying.
  3. Perhaps there will be renewal in my relationship (East Coast–the direction east and its associations with newness, beginnings, etc.) and I can look forward to things starting in a fresh new way.

Obviously, Roderick’s interpretations here are for his situation alone.  If I had asked about my relationship and saw maple trees, I might start packing parkas for our move to Canada!

For this scrying session, it took me a long time to come up with a question I really wanted answered, but that I also felt comfortable sharing in a semi-public forum.  Sadly, there really wasn’t all that much that met those criteria.  So I decided to go with the standard single girl’s question:  Will I ever get married.  Granted, asking “yes/no” questions in divination isn’t really a smart thing, but I went with it anyway.

Really graphic, ethnic wallpaper patterns.

Really graphic, ethnic wallpaper patterns.

What I ended up seeing was a series of high-contrast, highly graphic wall paper patterns.  They reminded me strongly of Indian and Arabic patterns I think I’ve seen in different architectures.  What surprised me was how crystal clear these patterns were, and how many of them flashed through my vision.

I honestly have no idea how to associate “Will I ever get married?” with these images.  I do associate exoticism, spice, and heat with many of them…maybe I will get married and have an exceptionally passionate marriage.  Or maybe I won’t get married and will spend my barren spinsterhood traveling the world?  I guess I really couldn’t say for sure either way, but if I wanted to tip the scales in option A’s favor, I suppose I should try going on a few more dates.  🙂


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