Day 317: Learning the Mirror’s Sacred Name

Today, Roderick asks us to find our mirror’s sacred name, and then to set it again in the windowsill to collect the moonlight.

I suspect that this exercise might be here mostly to give us a technique on discovering a sacred name.  In all my reading, I have yet to see something about a person ‘finding the sacred name’ of one of their divination tools (though I know plenty of pagans who do give their tools pet names!)

It is true, however, that magical lore is full of stories that describe how knowing a ‘real’ or ‘sacred’ name of a person or object will give you a power over that person or object.  Therefore, it is not a bad idea to develop a technique that gives you something that you, at least, believe is someone or something’s secret name.  At the very least, you will harm nothing, and–at most–you will strengthen your spellwork.

To begin, place the mirror in front of you.  Hold out your hands and touch the mirror’s surface.  Close your eyes and begin to take several deep, slow breaths.  Imagine that you travel down your arms, out through your hands, and project your spiritual body into the magic mirror.  Sense yourself becoming united with the object.  Expand your spirit so that you fill every crevice and nook of the mirror.  When you are ready, a word, a sound, or a vibration will begin to form in your throat.  Allow whatever this sound may be to emerge unedited.

Once you have connected with the sound, say it aloud.  Open your eyes and write it down.  This is the spiritual name of your magic mirror.  You might try this exercise with people, animals, plants, and other objects today.  How does it feel once you utter the spiritual name of things?  What is your spiritual name?

Maureen it is!

Maureen it is!

I thought I would feel a little silly performing this activity, but I didn’t.  It was rather enlightening to meditate and find “me”, then to force “me” into the mirror.  It was a little difficult at first, and it was hard to pull back and get centered in my body again.  It also took a really long time for that sound to start forming…and do you know what eventually came out?


How bizarre is that?  I was not anticipating anything like that.  Maybe a few sounds or perhaps some name I’d had an affinity for…but Maureen?  It’s not a name I’ve thought about or come across in years!  What a hoot.  Maureen, I suppose, it is.

Funnily, I did get the sense that Maureen isn’t necessarily the name of this speculum in particular, but–rather–the name of the line of energy that allows scrying in any particular speculum for me.  I guess I’ll think of “her” as my own particular woman behind the looking glass.

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