Day 313: Yes and No

Today, Roderick outlines a quick and dirty Tarot divination method when all you want is a confirmation or negation of a situation.  Basically, you shuffle the cards while thinking of your situation, then draw three cards–one at a time–and turn them over.  If all three are upright, the answer is an unqualified yes.  If all three are down, the answer is an unqualified no.

If two are upright, the answer is a qualified yes, which means that the answer is pretty much a yes, but the issue that may disrupt that affirmation depends on the inverted card.  If it’s on the left, the issue was in your past.  If the center, the issue is in your present, and if it’s on the right, the affirmative energy may be blocked in the future.  Clues as to what that energy may be are in the specific card that is inverted.

If two are reverse, the answer is a qualified no, and the interrupted energy that may turn the negation to an affirmation follows the same pattern as above.

As nice as this technique is, it is my personal belief that the Tarot is more than a yes/no divinatory tool.  There are plenty of tools that specifically address yes/no question–things like pendulums or a bag of coins, for instance–why force a more detailed tool into that restricted function?

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