Day 310: Problem-Solving Technique

Today you will learn a tarot method that can provide you with solutions to any difficulties or challenges in your life.  To begin this method, shuffle the cards and spread them as you learned in yesterday’s lesson.  Then close your eyes and imagine your situation.  As you view the situation with your inner eye, you should feel some emotion.  There is a place in your body where you feel the emotion of this situation.  Where is it?  Once you locate the place where you hold the emotional energy of the situation, close your eyes and imagine that you travel down inside your body to that area.  Once you are at the location in your body, view the energy and assign it a color and a shape.  Imagine that you project yourself into this color/shape and then immediately open your eyes and draw one of the major arcana cards from the cards spread out before you.

The card you have chosen represents the approach you should best take to resolve the problem situation.

Robin Wood's Hierophant

Robin Wood’s Hierophant

The major difficulty or challenge in my current life is my employment status.  On the one hand, I need a job badly.  On the other…I really don’t tackle finding employment the way I should.  I’m terrified of so many thing–massive change, losing my friends and my community, starting over, rejection, worthlessness–that I’ve not been pursuing it as I ought to be, and it’s causing me some major headaches.  In fact, as I tried to feel my emotion in my body, I instantly developed an excruciating headache right between my eyes, and I instantly give it the shape and color of those yellow cartoon stars that always appeared whenever there was a fight on the old Batman television show with Adam West in the title role.

The card I drew was the Heirophant, which knocked me over given Wood’s negative associations with the card.  As we’ve discussed, it means “Conformity” for her–a repressive conformity like captivity, servitude, or empty ritual; the concern for form over function and a desire to hold onto old things, even if they are outdated.  It’s also a desire to control others or a position in which you have allowed yourself to be controlled by others.

My attitude towards finding a job has certainly privileged my desire to hold onto old things and has held me hostage in my own life.  I don’t have control anymore:  I’m dictated to by my housemates, by my dwindling bank account, and by the whims of my family.  And I suppose the Hierophant is also the key to digging myself out of the mess:  conform to the stereotype of the hungry job applicant.  If I play the part, I’ll still be doing something to help my situation.

3 thoughts on “Day 310: Problem-Solving Technique

  1. Hello, Sweet Melissa!

    I would put the interpretation of this card for you a bit differently. I would put it to you that, perhaps, you are heeding others’ instruction, opinions and ideas TOO much…to the point where they have become Gospel for you. If you are uncomfortable with conforming to the stereotype of a hungry job applicant, then, that is the message of your Higher Self to you. Discomfort signifies that that that would not be the proper path for you.

    The Key to the Hierophant is not who holds the Key FOR you, but that you find it and hold it for Your Self. The Hierophant’s Triumph is that the True Teacher/Heirophant is your Higher Self/Conscience. And what He dictates is the perfect and Highest Good for YOU…and ONLY you. No one else can determine this for you, often times not even yourself because you are so wrapped up in a cloud of confusing and conflicting ideas and life-long conditioning that you cannot separate others feelings/ideas from your own. You have, in effect, totally been submerged by your environment and become a servant to its whims of the moment. You have disappeared and are in constant struggle to survive.

    This chronic, unconscious condition is holding you back from building your own True Path. That Batman Wallop you are feeling in the middle of your forehead is indicating where the source of the trouble is…in your thoughts/beliefs. It is indeed telling you that others are over-running your life, telling you what to do, where to go and how to do it. And you are allowing them to do it by default.

    This is also why you are looking for the perfect relationship—Lovers—but are afraid of too much King of Swords. You like a little control, but not to be gagged and bound. You like a little protection, but not to be locked away. You wish to be yourself but know your weakness in relying on others too much to tell you what to do and who to be. A relationship with such a man, were it to be unbalanced, would devastate you for you do not know how to stand up for yourself and not lose. You are afraid of losing your “community” and “friends”, but yet you admit that you don’t have the most pleasant of relationships with them…or your Mother, who now everyone “assumes” will come live with you. Why do they assume this, why is it such a given that you will just hand your life over to your Mother because your Father bailed on her? Do you always get dumped on, Sweet Melissa? Are you always trying to please everyone and “not do anything wrong” and never pleasing or doing anything right for yourself? Is your Mother truly unable to take care of herself? Or is she coming to live with you simply because it would be too difficult for her to face the situation and her responsibility and part in it and you will be her convenient buffer from the discomfort she will have to work thru? Is this why you are ambivalent about finding a job because, once you do, you know it is inevitable that you will be bound to the responsibility of dealing with her and her trauma for life? Is it easier to become a hungry job applicant that to face the consequences of striking out on your own and daring to make your true…and I say TRUE…dream a reality because you are afraid of being alone and unprotected and failing at it and, therefore, being accused of being judged “wrong” by those whose words you have always held as Gospel? Are you afraid of being judged “selfish” if you do not take your Mother in? Is all this the true source of your depression? Are these the thoughts that attack you day and night and will not let you think for yourself or make any firm decisions?

    If all this is so, your Mother will be the perfect excuse to hide out from your True Self. If you play such hide-and-seek from you Higher Self, it will take a very long time for Him to find you. But, I warn you, He will not give up. For He is Yours and You are His, eternally bound. And He WILL have his way. No matter what it takes. Whether you are twenty-something or ninety-five or living another incarnation, you will eventually have to face this lesson. Why not now and save yourself a long and wasted detour and take from him all the wonderful Gifts he is offering you if you will only take a chance and take His hand and let him guide you? Remember, the Highest Triumph of The Hierophant…and your answer…can be found in The Temperance card. The attributes of Sagittarius will help you define this. Fiery independence is one. Finding the right balance of what works for you in Life is another. Creativity and Art is another. You may do well to study them all.

    Why do I say all these things? Because I am a fifty-seven year old woman who, last night, was at her wits end in trying to find this answer…and it was YOU that gave it to me. Thank you, Sweet Melissa! Love, Light, Peace, and Power to you!

    • Wow, thank you for such fabulous insight, Andrea! I was bowled over by your apt response, which is certainly more true than I myself realized at the time of this reading. You’ve given me a gift that will help me better conduct my life and forever have changed how I feel about the Hierophant. Thank you!

      • You are most welcome and glad to return the favor! Try to keep it in mind always, because the behavior is chronic and insidious and will sabotage and betray you when you most need to be strong and have your wits about you. You have a fabulous blog. Keep it up. That may be more a part of your True Path than you realize. Blessed be! And a big muah!

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