My New Post-Initiation Pentacle

As big of a believer as I am in holding off on acquiring a tool until something feels right, I have to confess that the flip side of that coin is that you sometimes have to let go of tools when your feelings change; that is, when your beliefs deepen or otherwise change.  That’s been the case for me these past few months.  While I had a pentacle I loved and that I felt worked well for my needs, I started thinking about trading it in for a new model not long after my initiation.

I know this is silly, but when I was a teenager, I really wanted to join a Gardnerian group.  And I promised myself that if I ever did manage to do that, I would scour the country and find a potter who could help me craft a ‘proper’ Gard pentacle with all its different symbols.  As it happened, I fell in love with a Pagan-friendly pottery company, Gaean Allusions, at the 2012 Pantheacon in San Jose, California.  Its proprietors, Godfrey and Alwynd, make amazing pieces (lots more pictures on their Facebook page!) and I spent far too long browsing their booth every day of the convention.  However,  lacking funds (and not sure I’d even be on the West Coast to continue with initiation), I held off on making any purchases and simply filed them away in my mental rolodex.

Well, as we all know, I did stay on the West Coast and did eventually get initiated.  And, not long ago, I came into just enough unexpected cash that I realized I could finally commission a piece, so I looked up my favorite potters.  Wouldn’t you know, they live and work just 25 miles away from my new home in Olympia?  They’re even great friends with some of my housemates!  Not a day after I e-mailed them, they contacted me back with an enthusiastic “Yes!  We’ll make you a pentacle!”  And a month or so later, I finally laid hands on the pentacle of my dreams:

My Gardnerian pentacle, which was lovingly crafted by Godfrey and Alwynd at Gaean Allusions.

My Gardnerian pentacle, which was lovingly crafted by Godfrey and Alwynd at Gaean Allusions.

I could not be more pleased.  It is absolutely perfect.  Alwynd sort of talked me into the solid brown slip with the green glaze over the whole piece–I was initially thinking of something more like a brown pentacle with green symbols on a white plate (kind of like this leafed pentacle)–but I’m so glad she did!  I think this pentacle is now a lot “earthier” than it might have been otherwise.  She also scaled me back from my initial suggestion of a 10- to 12-inch diameter patten.  This guy is 8 inches in diameter, and that’s plenty big!  I’m also thrilled that she was able to work the symbols around the central star even after I asked for a circle to be placed around it, too–I wanted lots of green in the patten’s center!  I think it made the overall scale of the symbols much better than others I’ve seen, and it allows the upright star to just touch the top of the central star.

I think Godfrey and Alwynd have found themselves a life-long customer.  I’m already budgeting for a set of dinner dishes!

And what became of my old pentacle?  An enthusiastic and much-loved new member of the coven’s Outer Court has given it a great new home.  I don’t think this materialist story could have had a better outcome.


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