Day 302: Day of Silence and Review

Today, as you observe silence, focus your attention on your spirit, the energy that pervades and sustains your existence.  Spend time considering where this energy form may reside.  Is this an internal or external aspect of yourself?  What makes up your spirit?  Consider how it moves you throughout your day.  At the day’s end, answer these questions:

  • What is it like to focus my attention on my spirit?
  • Is spirit something that I could find?  How?  Where is it?
  • How does my spirit move me throughout my day?
  • Is there anything that seems to affect my spirit?
  • How does my spirit seem to interact with my senses, my thoughts, and emotions?

Take time to ask yourself the following:

  • Of the information I have learned up to now, what stands out as vital?
  • What information seems least relevant to my spiritual development?
  • Which of the practices seemed to move me spiritually, and which had little impact?
  • Of the information I have learned so far, what would be best to review?  (Take time to do so now.)

Focusing my attention onto my spirit was hard!  Eventually, though, I realized that I located too much of my spirit in my head, right behind that third eye chakra.  This is my mind, which just doesn’t stop whirring, and I’ve fallen into the habit of focusing much of my spirit energy at that point.  As I continued to focus, I realized that my spirit is a part of every cell of my body, and it extends out from me.  I suppose that my aura, then, is my spirit body.  My spirit’s motivations are too conflated with those of my mind, but with a lot of attention I did realize that I have different spirit pleasure than I do mind pleasures.  Feeling warm sunshine on my skin does make me mentally happier, but it leaves a far deeper impression on me than just in my mind alone.  After I exercise, my body is exhausted and my mind hopped up, but my spirit is completely satisfied…like it’s a kitten purring contentedly at a warm hearth.

I think that I have not been paying much attention to my spirit body and it’s role in my thoughts and emotions.  Now that I’m more aware of it, I think I will do better in the future.

You know, I think that the most vital information I’ve learned over the past 30 days or so has been that spellwork is actually quite fun!  I had a wonderful time inventing spells during the herbal days, and it was an incredible creative outlet.  Doing so many in such rapid succession (and obviously not wanting to agonize over every little detail) definitely turned my attitude around regarding spells.  I think I might actually start to improve my spellcrafting skills now.  Least relevant?  Well, the May Wine day still strikes me as a bit of a waste…but that’s just me.  Crafting spells seemed to move me more spiritually than learning about the different tarot cards, but there’s still time for tarot to grow on me as a spiritual practice.

I think what I would like to do is review circle casting again and start writing my own standard script.  I’ve been using others’ words for awhile…I should probably wean myself off that crutch.


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