Day 300: Contemplative Day, The Innermost Name

Meditative Question:  What is the innermost secret name of deity?
Symbolic Color:  White
Symbolic Direction:  Nowhere and everywhere

Don’t let the seeming impossibility of the question stump you.  This contemplative question aims at completely cutting through concepts.  The question gives nothing to think about, therefore it gives nothing to latch onto as you meditate on its meaning.  With time, you will arrive at a powerful and consciousness-changing conclusion.

This question is the second int he final series of four inner mysteries.  Remember that it is advisable to work with each of these inner mysteries contemplations while sitting within the center of your magic circle.

Find a comfortable meditative sitting position in the center of your circle.  Light a white candle and sit approximately two feet away from the flame.  Cast your gaze upon the flickering candle and hold the question firmly for 20-30 minutes.  Close the circle after this, but keep the question with you.  Allow yourself to embody the question, and over time you will arrive at your own insight.

I find it interesting that Roderick has said that this question gives us nothing to latch onto as we meditate upon it.  The very fact that the question is stated in language means our response would probably be framed and shaped by the constraints of language, wouldn’t it?  I fully went into this meditation expecting that I would find some word or series of words that would be this innermost secret name.

In fact, I was deeply mistaken.  What came to me instead was feeling and sensation.  I suppose that the innermost secret name of deity is this yearning you have inside–this deep desire for love.  For completion.  For fulfillment.  The name is that delicious sensation that creeps up your spine when you gaze upon a person you love with your whole heart.  It’s the bliss of snuggling a new baby, the exhilaration of falling into a soft, green lawn and gazing up at the blue sky and white clouds.  It is feeling the warm sun beat on your skin, and it is feeling every cell of your body stretching up to meet those rays.  It is the utter silence, stillness, and coldness you find deep within a cave, and it is the blasting noise, dance, and ecstatic heat you find moshing at an amazing rock concert.


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