Day 279: “Cutting” Essential Oils

I kind of feel like we’ve already done this day in some capacity.  All “cutting” essential oils means is diluting the essential oils in a larger amount of a carrier oil.  It’s a fantastic practice.  Not only does it allow you to stretch your oil budget, but it allows you to use the oils more safely.  Many essential oils can be irritating to the skin, eyes, and nose if used full strength.  Diluting them with a carrier oil allows you to use them in a massage oil or other anointing oil very safely!  Roderick lists several types of carrier oils below:

Almond Oil: This oil has a slight scent.  Slow to become rancid, almond oil helps maintain your magical blends for long periods of time.  Almond oil can also have a magical effect of its own.  Almond imparts fertility, fecundity, and growth.  It is closely linked with the power of magic and the planet Mercury.  [My Note:  Actually, I’ve found it more Venusian…]

Apricot Oil:  This oil is odorless and good for dry skin.  It penetrates deeply.  Apricot’s magical effect is calming.  Apricot soothes and opens the mind.  Apricot oil is aligned with the planetary energies of Venus.

Avocado Oil:  This odorless oil mixes well with other carrier oils.  Avocado’s magical power is its ability to link the wearer with the mother aspect of the triple goddess.  Avocado oil aligns with the planetary influences of Earth and the Moon.

Grapeseed Oil:  This is a light, clear carrier oil.  It does not imbalance oily skin conditions.  Grapeseed oil brings renewal, insight, and rebirth.  This oil is linked with the mysteries of Dionysus, of death to the old (an old pattern, relationship, way of living, etc.) and birth to something new.  Grapeseed oil aligns with the planetary influences of Mercury.

Jojoba Oil:  This oil is well known because it nourishes skin and has a softening effect.  Good for love, peace, and meditation oils/blends.  Jojoba aligns with the planetary influences of Jupiter.  [My note:  Jojoba is definitely my favorite for skin contact, and I think it makes a stellar hair oil.  A couple of drops in my ends works wonders.]

Vegetable Glycerine:  This is not an oil at all.  It is a colorless, odorless substance that can be cut with water.  It is an excellent carrier for essential oils and will not become rancid.  Vegetable glycerine has no magical association; it is able to take on the qualities of the essential oils that it carries.  [My note:  I strongly dislike it.  I find it sticky when it starts to dry and it just makes me want to immediately take a bath.]

As with the previous collection of days, Roderick asks us to dwell on the final collection of herbs in his list of herbs and their magical properties and devise a spell.  Today we’re looking at rosemary to woodruff, but I’m feeling remarkably uninspired.  Six of the herbs already have their own discreet magical uses, which just leaves rosemary’s “protection, memory, and healing” properties.  I guess maybe it could be a good idea to make up a little protective sachet for pets by sewing a bit a rosemary and toadflax in a packet and hanging that from a familiar’s collar…but, knowing pets, that would be a short lived little packet.  Roderick already recently had us do a rosemary protection spell…so I think I’m going to call this one good on the spell craft front.


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