Day 278: Herbs to Know

Spend time today acquainting yourself with the list of herbs and their magical properties.  In order to gain some mastery of magical herbalism, commit to your memory at least four of these magical herbs.  To help you gain practical knowledge of these herbs, try using one or more of them in a magical brew or potion.  Devise a spell in which you would use one of the herbs in the list in combination with:  color, planetary glyph, day of the week, magical hour, and magical stone.

Today we’ve got the herbs from Hops to Pine to focus on, and I think they’ve just inspired me to work a wealth charm!

Here money, money, money!

Here money, money, money!

For this charm, I would gather up a green piggy bank that has a plugable opening in the bottom big enough to stuff a smallish sachet into.  If the bank I find isn’t itself green, it’s easy enough to make it green with a great spray paint.  I would also take a square of green wool felt and sew it into a packet stuffed with pine needles (which bring wealth), mandrake (for its powerful protection and magical potency), cedarwood (draws money and the attainment of ideals), and a piece of green citrine (which is one of the stones called ‘the merchant’s stone’, as a cluster in their money box helps them to acquire and maintain wealth).  I am personally a fan of using odd coins in my working, so I would go ahead and add a token “silver dollar” to the sachet to “prime” the working. This could pretty much be any dollar coin, but I’d do my best to find an American Silver Eagle dollar, which is a bullion coin of 99.9% pure silver.  They can be purchased directly through the U.S. Mint (about $60), or through eBay or a coin dealer.  Obviously, however, any dollar coin will be just fine.  Finally, (and perhaps most importantly) I would add a piece of paper on which I’d written the numbers for my various bank accounts.  I would magically charm this sachet on a Thursday or Friday during a waxing moon during a Jupiter hour, then I would place it into the green piggy bank, where it will reside for one year.

Every day during the following year, I would “feed” the piggy bank a little pocket change (even if it’s just a penny!) and take a moment to ground and say a little charm or prayer.  Maybe something like “with every coin I give to you, let my own reserves grow.”  At the conclusion of that year, I would empty the piggy bank, refresh the charm, and use the accumulated coins to do some good for someone other than myself.  This might include putting the money toward a gift for a friend, donating it to a beloved charity, or putting it towards coven resources.

My thought is that the daily ‘tithing’ would not only work magically, but also help psychologically reinforce good spending and saving habits.  It might help to set the bank on top of a copy of one’s monthly budget!


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