Video of Interest: “Greece: Quest for the Gods”

A few days ago I came back home from a long walk, fixed myself some lunch, and popped on PBS to keep me company while I ate.  They were airing an episode of Richard Bangs’ Adventures with Purpose.  In fact, it was their first episode of season 3:  “Greece:  Quest for the Gods.”  I only caught the last 15 minutes or so, but I was struck by the way Bangs was interpreting his trip through Greece by way of finding elements of each of the twelve Olympians along his path.  It actually brought some new light to how I view these gods.

Of course, the second the episode was finished I grabbed some paper and wrote down the information so that I could order a copy of the episode.  If that interests you, you can order a DVD or Blu-Ray through Bangs’ website.

Since I’m trying to watch my budget these days, I paused before committing to the $31.70 for the DVD and shipping and decided to see if anyone had uploaded the video.  Sure enough, a couple YouTube users had!  The following link is to the longer of the two videos, which includes the introduction and opening credits.


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