Day 269: Practice, A Rosemary Protection

I swear, with as much protective magic as Roderick is flinging at us lately, I don’t think a single ghoulie stands a chance at getting near me!

Assembled ingredients for Roderick's Rosemary Protection spell.

Assembled ingredients for Roderick’s Rosemary Protection spell.

What You’ll Need:

  • Cheesecloth
  • A spring of fresh rosemary
  • At least 1 teaspoon of dried rosemary
  • Charcoal and a censer
  • 12 inches of red cord
  • A 5-6 inch red taper candle
  • Red thread and a needle
  • Your circle casting tools
  • Scissors

Wait until nearly midnight on the night of a full moon, and then gather together your ingredients.  Cover all the mirrors and windows in the room in which you create this charm.  Cast a magic circle, then use a pin or a white-handled knife to inscribe the red candle with the planetary glyph for Saturn.  Cut a 3-inch square out of the cheesecloth.  Thread the needle with the red thread.  Dip the sprig of fresh rosemary in the salt and then in water.  Pass it briefly through the red candle flame.  Sprinkle the dried rosemary over the coal and then hold the sprig of fresh rosemary over the smoke.  Place the sprig in the center of the cheesecloth square, fold the fabric in half, and then sew it closed with the red thread and the needle.

Once you have completed this, hold the cheesecloth bag in between the palms of your hands.  Stand in the west of your circle and moonwalk widdershins three times, chanting:

Thrice I walk the edge of time,
Protection come at midnight’s chime!

After you have walked the circle thrice, stand facing the west.  Hold the charm in front of you as you would a shield, and say:

To bane, to bane!
Begone!  Begone!
Thrice take ye back from whence ye came!

Repeat this final incantation in the south, east, and north of your circle.  Now tie the bag with the red cord so that you can wear the bag around your neck.  Close your circle when you are done and wear the amulet, making sure that it comes in contact with your body.

I found performing this working to be really relaxing.  I very much enjoy the smell of rosemary, which is great because I sure was smelling it all night!  But the process of concentrating on sewing the rosemary pouch was really very meditative, and the help of the candlelight and incense really put me into a great magical head space. Superficially, I learned that I like the smell of burning rosemary, that it’s much easier to see candle inscriptions when you buy those cheap tapers where only the outside is colored wax because the inscription shows up white, and that it’s really difficult to sew in near darkness.  My note to self is that when I do future spell work with sewing at night, I better stock up on a few illuminator candles!

I wore the pouch around my neck to sleep the night I did this working, and–since it’s not terribly attractive–I’ve tucked it into my bra today.  To be honest, I don’t really have all that much I need to be protected from right now, so I’m not sure how much net effect this working will have.  I do, however, feel generally safer than I have in a while.


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