Day 265: Directing Power with Magical Tools

My four major magical tools

My four major magical tools

After Roderick asked us yesterday to practice energy direction through the quartz crystal, he suggested that we “raise the cone of power several more times.  Each time, use a different magical tool to help direct the cone up and out of the magic circle.”  If we had a goal in mind, we were to send the energy to the goal.  If we were practicing, we were to “imagine the cone leaving the circle and dissipating in space.”

I definitely noticed a strong, concentrated direction of energy flowing through my athame and my wand.  With the athame, though, it was definitely easier to get my will combined with the energy and to get it to go where I wanted it to go.  I suppose this makes a lot of sense, since I consider the athame to be a tool of fire and therefore of will.  There was a little bit of this will-feeling with the wand, but–at the same time–I didn’t really need to cast my will strongly with this.  It was more like I was conducting a great universal symphony.  All the ‘musicians’ knew what the next notes would be:  I was just keeping time and helping things organize more efficiently.  Again, this makes a lot of sense to me because I consider the wand to be the tool of air and the power to know.

With the feminine tools, I had a bit of a moment kind of like with the quartz where it was more difficult for me to push the energy out of them once I had visualized it entering the tools.  I suppose this makes sense, too, because feminine energies are largely receptive energies.  It would make sense, then, that these tools would sort of ‘incubate’ the energy until it had fully formed and was ready to be ‘born.’  I suppose I just have to be aware in the future that directing energy with the cup and the pentacle is going to take considerably more time than with the athame or wand.  The cup in particular really likes to hold on and wait for just the right moment to spill forth.  The pentacle, interestingly, has a tendency to ground the power.  There’s definitely much less of a ‘climax’ moment with it.  Instead, it just silently collects and casts energy out through the ground and out into the greater world.  It’s a little bit like using a big net to fish rather than a spear or a single line.


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