Day 265: Directing Power, Crystals

My quartz crystal after its salt-clearing.

My quartz crystal after its salt-clearing.

There was this period in the 1990s where just about every pagan practitioner was stockpiling quartz crystals and using them in all manner of magic.  One acquaintance of mine even studded each of her four main magical tools with quartz crystals!  Quartz’s role in magic is well-deserved as it has quantifiable piezoelectric properties, which means they develop a measurable electric potential upon the application of mechanical stress.  That is, they can emit electricity:  pure energy.  The metaphysical theory holds that they are capable of conducting and amplifying magical energy as well.

Today Roderick has us essentially raise energy and push it through a crystal and toward our goal.  My feelings on the matter is that when you push raised energy through a crystal–or any other magical tool for that matter–you effectively ‘polarize’ the energy.  It’s like you push the energy through a pair of polarized sunglasses.  The crystal or tool only lets a certain oriented energy through the tool and toward your focus.  If you want especially ‘earthy’ energy, pushing raised energy through your pentacle will help make sure that pure earth energy gets to your goal.  As near as I can tell, quartz doesn’t really have a specific elemental energy.  Rather, it mostly just amplifies extant energy and has a tendency to sort of dissolve negative energy.  It’s ‘polarizing’ power, then, is pure positivity.

Roderick does note that many practitioners believe that quartz intensifies “the vibrations of anything in the vicinity and therefore they require continual grounding until their intended use.”  Moreover, it should also be cleansed of any environmental vibrations before use, which can be done by laying the quartz lengthwise in a bowl or box into which an inch or so of salt has been poured.  Then you pour more salt over the crystal until it is completely covered.  Some people keep their quartz constantly buried in salt until they need them.  However, just an hour or so in salt is sufficient to clear a quartz, though I like to put my quart/salt container in a sunny window for a full day and a night before use if I can.  I think that sunlight and moonshine do a great job at helping to clear the quartz, too.

Practice:  Using a Quartz

Begin by casting a circle.  Select one of the power raising methods you have learned over the past several days and use it to generate magical energy.  As you raise magical energy, visualize a cone of power forming within your circle.  Practice sensing when the cone is at its greatest power.  At that moment, drop to the floor and grip the quartz crystal in your stronger hand.  Extend your index finger down the length of the crystal and point it toward the sky.  Once you point the crystal, use your imagination to visualize the cone of power projecting through the terminal point of the crystal toward your intention.

Depending on your intent and your magical goal, you might choose any number of directions to point the crystal.  If, for example, your goal is to heal someone within the circle, you can point the crystal directly at the individual and imagine that the cone of power enters his or her body, or if you direct the energy toward someone at a distance from your circle, aim the crystal in the general direction of the person, imagining the cone of power filling the individual with energy.  If you are directing energy toward some goal and not toward a person, you might choose a compass direction that best corresponds to your magical intent.  For example, if you cast a spell for environmental awareness, you might point the crystal toward the north, the direction of earth.  If you cast a spell for peace, you might point the crystal toward the west, the direction of water and emotions.

When you are finished with directing power, place the crystal back in rock salt.

If it matters, I chose to raise energy by dancing in a deosil circle while rattling my Spirit Shakers and chanting the Witches’ Rune a few times.  Funnily enough, though, when I envisioned the energy I raised entering the quartz, I couldn’t envision it passing out of the quartz again.  Seriously.  It was like I’d just made a magical easter egg.  I could practically feel the energy rattling around in there.  I raised energy a couple more times and the same thing happened.  It really seemed like I was making a magical battery.  Later on, I was able to push the rarified energy out of the quartz independent of being in circle.  I obviously need some quartz practice, but this magical battery thing has some potential too.  Sometimes you’re just not able to formally cast a circle when you need a bit of magic work.  This storage potential could help get around that.

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